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DeepOpinion: Automate text- and document-heavy processes without a single line of code

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Aug 26, 2022

For years, companies and industries amongst which the insurance industry explore the use of robots, RPA, and how they can be used in repetitive processes. Automation through robotization is not always an easy road, with the biggest blocker being that bots were not intelligent and that it was very difficult to build this intelligence with their existing tools and combine it with RPA bots.

With DeepOpinion’s no-code AutoML solution, customers can create custom cognitive skills (custom AI models) in minutes and with a few clicks. Being equipped with more than 220+ integrations, DeepOpinion allows insurers to easily infuse and chain these cognitive skills into their existing bots, or build “smart bots” from scratch.

“We have been using automation platforms but we required more intelligent and scalable solution for our shared services to complement what we already have and take it to the next level, which is why we partnered with DeepOpinion”

DeepOpinion is a B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for end-to-end automation of text- and document-heavy processes. The entire solution is developed as a no-code platform, empowering business users (citizen developers) and automation experts to build human-level AI skills that they can integrate into existing bots or use to create “smart bots” from scratch. This means that the written communication – documents, messages, emails, invoices, etcetera – which flows through insurers can be understood, logged, and acted upon in automated processes by machines with human-like accuracy.

DeepOpinion is based on a proprietary ML engine for automated deep learning (AutoML) and for Natural Language Understanding ( and Intelligent Document Processing (published soon), which automatically trains the best possible AI model for any data set in more than 100 languages. AutoNLU has achieved world-leading results in various benchmarks and outperforms solutions from vendors such as Google ML, Microsoft Cognitive Services, IBM, or AWS by 20 percentage points or more within direct comparisons.

This leads to more reliable processes and a higher level of automation. Consequently, insurers save more money and free up process-bound resources.

DeepOpinion’s customers include DAX-listed companies like Siemens and Schaeffler to global insurance companies like Markel across Europe, the US, and UAE.

How does it work?

DeepOpinion consists of two core components, the AI Builder (Cognitive Skill Builder) and the FlowBuilder (Cognitive Automation Builder).

The AI Builder is an intuitive no-code interface that customers can use to create different custom cognitive skills (AI skills; all kinds of NLU and IDP tasks) to infuse into existing bots, or to create “smart bots” from scratch.

With FlowBuilder customers can create new automation workflows within minutes using a drag & drop workflow automation builder (iPaaS, 220+ native integrations) and enrich these workflows with various cognitive skills (NLU/IDP).

By combining the AI Builder and the FlowBuilder, DeepOpinion Studio provides all the resources needed to automate complex text- and document-heavy processes. Through the central “no-code” approach, business users (citizen developers) are empowered to develop complex applications without requiring prior knowledge in machine learning, programming, or data science.

Why did we select DeepOpinion for DIA Munich?

There is a clear trend for no-code solutions, where DeepOpinion allows Citizen Developers to unlock the full power of business users and reduce dependency on scarce IT and data science resources.

Also, RPA or Hyperautomation has had an interest for years, but the number of use cases is still relatively low. With this AI solution insurers can automate processes that are heavy in terms of complexity and documents.  Using a proprietary AutoML engine and large data models

At DIA Munich Stefan Engl, Co-Founder & Co-CEO will give more insights in what DeepOpinion does and how it adds to automation in the industry.

Who is DeepOpinion?

DeepOpinion was founded by Stefan Engl and Stefan Ramershoven, both serial entrepreneurs with successful traction in building businesses.

DeepOpinion is an experienced team including top graduates from institutions such as Cambridge University, INSEAD, Creative Destruction Lab, or Forbes 30 Under 30s.

It is a remote-first company headquartered in Innsbruck, Austria with clients in Europe, the US, and UAE.

DeepOpinion raised EUR 3M in a total of which EUR 1M was invested by the Co-Founders, Stefan Engl and Stefan Ramershoven. Further investors include Stride.VC from London, a renowned tech fund, Lunar Ventures, a Berlin-based deep-tech fund as well as experienced post-Series-C founders and operators from companies like DeepMind, Meta, and Revolut.

“With DeepOpinion we want to free people from boring repetitive work through AI so they can be more impactful. And ultimately kill boring before boring kills your company.”

Stefan Engl, Co-Founder & Co-CEO DeepOpinion

Amsterdam 12-13 June


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