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Digido: a digital vault for all home administration

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jun 9, 2017

Digido is a highly secured social vault in combination with modern robo advisory modules ensures the platform helps to keep the user’s financial position insightful and up-to-date. Digido is a smart application that bundles all home administration and stores it securely in a digital vault. Optional is the possibility for the user to give his financial advisor (post)access, so he is up-to-date and can initiate actions if necessary.

What are the benefits
Digodo is really convenient. By using Digido the user gets a grip on his financials. No longer a folder for the care policies, an organizer for the home insurance and maybe a fastener for the mortgage. With Digido all financial records are digitally assembled. Digido gives an instant overview of all finances, anywhere, anytime. The Digido’s Dashboard consists of five clusters to keep everyone’s administration clean and tidy

Digido also sends signals when a policy ends or when it’s time to handle certain things. For example, the time when it’s beneficial to transfer the mortgage or whether interest rate funding is a good choice. It gives relevant information tailored to the users’ situation.
Digido is available on all devices

The data from the Digido vault is divisible. For example, a user can give his financial advisor permission to access certain information from his safe. The scanning or sending of documents is no longer required. It is also possible to share the information with a partner of friends.

Safety first
Digido is a digital safe with a high security level. To ensure watertight safety, Digido periodically perform tests by external specialists. After importing data into Digido, the data is encrypted using AES encryption. AES is currently the most secure way to protect data. This means that the data is illegible for intruders and for Digido employees.

Why we selected Digido for Dia Amsterdam
Digido is an innovative concept which helps consumers to keep track of their finances, at all times. It also provides advisors an opportunity to really understand the needs of their customers.

Who are Digido
Behind Digido is Newest Industries, the successful Rotterdam fintech company. Newest Industry’s strategy is as simple as effective: bringing a brilliant idea or innovation to the marketplace. They are behind Jumba and NICCI. Newest Industry is founded in 2013 by Kees Haverkamp (CEO) and Perry Gruber ( CDO).

AEGON has been working for a while with the Rotterdam fintech company and is the main investor in Digido.

Kees Haverkamp (CEO) Digido


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