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Digital Insurance Group: A leap forward with fast, simple and safe insurance.

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 27, 2020

Insurers, banks and brokers around the globe face similar challenges when it comes to innovation. Due to the pandemic this is more relevant than ever as the need for digital solutions is crystal-clear.

Technology is changing at lightning speed and gives endless opportunities to meet customer expectations and impact the customer experience. External demands are changing the way business is conducted but running on very complex IT architectures with a wide-range of legacy systems means that building new propositions takes up a lot of time and resources.

With an award winning technology and modular platform, Digital Insurance Group (DIG) can meet these challenges and improve people’s lives by giving them access to the right insurance faster, simpler and safer. Their front-end and middleware SaaS-like solutions enable them to innovate at record speed using our low-code platform, while leveraging both their existing IT architecture and our library of reusable mobile first components.

By using the power of technology, DIG enables insurers and banks to leap forward and innovate at record speed, integrating with legacy systems where and when needed. Their solution currently serves clients like Zurich, AON, Santander, Prudential, Allianz and Norisbank (DeutscheBank).

Key benefits

  • Enabling innovation at record speed through front-end and middleware SaaS-like solutions using a low-code platform, while leveraging both their existing IT architecture and our library of reusable mobile first components.
  • Growing client base at lower cost through DIG’s client driven quote/buy and self-service portals combine data from existing legacy systems and third parties with an innovative insurtech solution.
  • Facilitating insurers to build new digital propositions for web and mobile, all built on top of existing legacy systems at record speed.
  • Integrating seamlessly the existing IT infrastructure and connecting to multiple databases and legacy systems to build new, data- driven platforms that offer a fully customized, mobile-first insurance experiences to customers.

How it works

With having an insurance background, DIG’s experience and way of working makes it possible to build bridges between business and IT. They have readily available modules that function as toolboxes to develop quote & buy flows and customer portals at record speed:

  • Back-end tooling: A resource builder and proven insurance data model to enable easy API and legacy integrations with back-office and 3rd parties.  Using these tools DIG normalizes and maps API datapoints to their data model.
  • Front-end tooling: DIG’s questionnaire builder tools that make the quotation flow low-code and easily configured to local standards and requirements. DIG’s design system makes sure the UI/UX the is tailored and giving a unique experience to your clients. It’s a low-code portal module, easily configured to business requirements.

Why we selected DIG for DIA Prime Time
At DIA Munich 2019 DIG presented how they have enabled insurers and banks around the world to innovate to boost growth and retain existing clients through engagement. In 2020 DIG enabled 3 digital players (Klare, Norisbank and Prudential Wellness) to go live and launch their proposition. These new propositions will give the audience at DIA Prime Time new insights of DIG’s solution.

Who is (DIG)?
Ingo Weber, Chris Bakker, Roeland Werring had the ambition to create a platform will accelerated the growth of both Komparu and Knip. And so they founded Digital Insurance Group (DIG) in 2017, the first-to-market digital insurance broker in Europe. Their management team consists of Ingo Weber (CEO), Chris Bakker (CPO), Ibrahim-Ennali (CTO), Irene van den Brink (CCO) and Nicolien van Zanten (Head of People).
The startup is backed by key shareholders like Zurich, Finch Capital, Route66 and has a fund raise of $15 million (in 2018). Their solution is currently active in Europe and the Americas.

Ingo’s vision is to change the life of millions of people by providing peace of mind and a safety net in a truly digital way. CEO and Co-founder of the Digital Insurance Group, providing digital solutions to insurers and banks. Retail clients are being served via its Knip brand, the first mobile robo-advisor for insurance in Europe.

Irene (CCO) joined DIG to make a bigger impact in the insurance industry that is finally becoming more client-driven and colorful to a lot of people. Being part of the change that makes sure that millions of people have access to insurance and protection in an easy way.

Check out their live demo here:

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