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DOMCURA: Robots help with customer inquiries to free up time

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Nov 22, 2022

Extreme weather is occurring more and more frequently – due to climate change. This in turn causes damage to buildings. As a result, DOMCURA, which is specialized in residential building insurance, has recently been receiving a particularly large number of customer inquiries. Also, the claims volume at DOMCURA is particularly high after such storms. Employees reach their limits when it comes to recording and settling claims. After all, claims processing is time-consuming. The result: severe delays in claims settlement and angry policyholders.

Supposedly, simple customer inquiries, such as address- or bank-data changes, become a real strain on resources. They take up valuable time that could be used for more complex processes, such as claims settlement. That is why DOMCURA uses artificial intelligence.

How does it work?

The AI platform that DOMCURA uses, was developed by Parloa, a Berlin-based company. This innovative platform automates the customer service of companies. It is able to automate dialogues for telephone, chat, voice assistants, and messenger. It is an omnichannel solution that can be used with all relevant customer service channels.

In the specific case of DOMCURA, this means: When a customer calls, Parloa verifies their request. If it is a change of bank data, for example, a voice bot – a kind of robot – carries it out. For the customer, the process is the same as if he were talking to a DOMCURA employee. However, their questions can be answered or changes can be made without any human assistance. Thanks to the constantly learning platform based on artificial intelligence from Parloa.

The robotic assistance saves DOMCURA employees valuable time, which they can then use for more complex procedures.


The insurance company DOMCURA develops private and commercial insurance solutions for the German market. The company, which has around 350 employees, specialises in residential building insurance. As the market leader in this segment, they presented the first sustainable single-family home insurance in Germany in the autumn of 2020. Two years later, the company is also the first provider in Germany to fully insure all renewable energy systems – for example, photovoltaic systems – for large housing companies and property management companies with 250 or more residential units.

“Our aim is to build the most comprehensive solution in Conversational AI to enable every company in the world to have better conversations with their customers. We pursue this vision with a strong commitment of every team member to reimagine the future of customer communication.”

Malte Kosub, Co-Founder & CEO of Parloa

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