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DOMCURA: Smarter and Faster Claims Processing  

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jun 27, 2022

Companies in the insurance industry face the challenge of processing many, often complex, customer concerns quickly and in good quality. It is precisely the answering of supposedly simple enquiries that costs time, which reduces the time left for processing more complex questions.  

Automation helps to save the precious time of customer service agents and create a positive customer experience at the same time. Solutions with Artificial Intelligence (AI) come into play, that can be changed and optimised quickly and easily. Parloa offers this type of solution for customer service departments.  

DOMCURA is a German insurer for private and commercial insurance, specializing in residential building insurance. Due to this focus of its product portfolio, the insurer is particularly exposed to ‘accumulation risk’ – the situation in which a single event leads to many policyholders suffering damage at the same time and reporting this to the insurance company. Extreme weather is one of the usual triggers.  

Especially in the case of a large number of claims, such as after a flood or storm, insurance providers quickly reach their limits. As a result, there are severe delays in claims settlement and angry policyholders. At the moment where it matters most.  

DOMCURA has been successfully using Parloa’s Artificial Intelligence for almost a year to relieve staff in extreme situations, and to support them in their normal day-to-day work so that more capacities can be invested in more complex and time-consuming claims processing.  

How does it work?  

Parloa is a conversational AI platform that automates the customer service of companies. More specifically, Parloa is able to automate dialogues for phone, chat, voice assistants and messenger, making it an omnichannel solution that can be used in all relevant customer service channels. At DOMCURA, Parloa processes incoming customer calls at the service centre. For example, it makes a change of address or creates a damage report.  

Using natural language processing technology, Parloa now has a speech recognition quality of over 95 percent. For the customer, it makes no difference whether the dialogue is with a human or with Parloa. Allowing DOMCURA to save one minute of time per call.  

In this AI solution the automated dialogues can be individually adapted to the respective needs of companies and even improved. No developers are needed for these optimisations. IT multipliers or power users can design these voice bots according to the respective needs and based on experiences made. Furthermore, Parloa seamlessly integrates into the software structure of companies. All data protection requirements are met.  

Why did we invite DOMCURA and Parloa to DIA Amsterdam 2022? 

Companies in the insurance industry face a huge challenge of processing many, often complex, customer concerns quickly and in good quality. It is precisely the answering of supposedly simple enquiries that costs time, which is then lacking in the processing of more complex issues.  

Automations help to save this precious time and at the same time create a positive customer experience. This requires solutions with artificial intelligence, which in turn can be changed and optimised quickly and easily – like Parloa. 

At DIA Amsterdam Uwe Schumacher, CEO DOMCURA and Malte Kosub, Co-Founder and CEO Parloa will share their experience with AI in delivering a great customer experience on the phone.  

Who is DOMCURA and who is Parloa? 

The insurance company DOMCURA develops private and commercial insurance solutions for the German market. The company, that has around 350 employees, specialises in residential building insurance. As the market leader in this segment, they presented the first sustainable single-family home insurance in Germany in autumn 2020.  

Parloa was founded in 2017, by Malte Kosub. It is now a diversified team of over 40 people from more than 11 nations, working in Berlin or remotely from anywhere in the world. Parloa received the “European Customer Champion Award 2022” from CCW Berlin this year.  

“Our aim is to build the most comprehensive solution in Conversational AI to enable every company in the world to have better conversations with their customers. We pursue this vision with a strong commitment of every team member to reimagine the future of customer communication”.

Malte Kosub, Co-Founder & CEO of Parloa 

Amsterdam 12-13 June


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