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DOMCURA: The new digital luggage insurance on blockchain basis

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 3, 2019

As an underwriting agent and insurance broker, the German DOMCURA Group specializes in selling and developing private and commercial insurance solutions for the financial services market. Thanks to its continuous growth and a broad sales base, consisting of over 5,000 brokers, multiple agents and financial service providers as well as broker pools and insurance portals, DOMCURA is the market leader among underwriting agents. In dialogue with insurers, brokers and customers, DOMCURA constantly develops new premium coverage concepts, setting new standards for the insurance industry.

DOMCURA underlines its competence as a digital underwriting agent with the new digital luggage insurance product on blockchain basis. The company is one of the first anywhere in Europe with a viable insurance product on the basis of blockchain technology: the digital DOMCURA baggage insurance. It protects against the financial consequences of baggage being destroyed, damaged or lost.

How does it work?
The insurance is linked to a smartphone app, using the opportunities provided by Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), firmly established in the banking sector, specifically the blockchain which stores sensitive customer and transaction data unalterably through a complex system of protection in its capacity as a digital trustee. A characteristic which allowed the product developers and IT specialists from DOMCURA to design specific travel insurance protection which guarantees the integrity of all travel information at all times, thereby meeting the increased demands placed on today’s mobility and data protection on terms and conditions which at the same time are fair.
This is pay-on-demand insurance which is flexibly designed to modify the sum insured and the term of the contract (daily cancellation) on an individual basis. Only the days on which the user actually requires the insurance cover are billed. The cover is automatically activated as soon as the user leaves their home zone (radius of 50 km).

While the movement coordinates determined via GPS tracking are being encoded by the smartphone and continuously stored in the blockchain, the insurer has no knowledge of the traveller’s whereabouts. Their privacy remains one hundred percent protected. Only in the event of a claim, will the customer give DOMCURA details of the day’s travel in question in order to reach a settlement. The risk bearer is Basler Sachversicherungs-AG which belongs to the Swiss Baloise Group and has its head office in Bad Homburg.



  • Blockchain technology, B3I blockchain initiative. Blockchain as digital trustee of the customers travel data
  • Software defined insurance
  • Situational insurance cover, always fully automatic when traveling
  • Only the customer is able to share his geo-data
  • Ultimate encrypted data protection through keychain technology of the mobile device
  • The customer can limit the insurance sum for each journey through a slider control in his app
  • Right of daily cancellation
  • The claim report happens through the app
  • The customer approves the date of the claim out of blockchain, the DOMCURA AG receives automatically a document with the geo-data from that date
  • The customer doesn’t have to prove the journey for the claim report
  • The billing takes place after the journey and the customer only pays for the days of actual travelling
  • Audit-proof account data out of the blockchain
  • Simple scalability
  • Pay as you go
  • Easy and time-saving

Why we selected DOMCURA for DIA Amsterdam
DOMCURA is laying the basis for a new insurance travel-platform with a blockchain based digital luggage insurance. This is modern. Built around the customer. Insurance as it should be.
We’re very pleased DOMCURA wants to showcase their blockchain based digital luggage insurance at DIA Amsterdam.

Check out their live demo here:​

Who is DOMCURA Group?
The success story “made in Schleswig Holstein” started in 1980. Nowadays a staff of 300 at the head office in Kiel look after an annual premium volume of 281 million euros. Thanks to its continuous growth and a broad sales base, consisting of over 5,000 brokers, multiple agents and financial service providers as well as broker pools and insurance portals – DOMCURA is the market leader among underwriting agents.

Basler Versicherungen focuses its activities on society’s changing security and service needs. The roughly 1,600 employees therefore concentrate on the desires of their customers and distribution partners. Customer-centric service coupled with innovative products and services make Basler first choice for all who simply wish to feel safer. With its head office and non-life competence centre in Bad Homburg and its life competence centre in Hamburg, Basler operates with high expertise in the underwriting business as a service-driven private customer insurer and a quality-oriented provider in B2B business. Basler Versicherungen belongs to the Baloise Group, Basle (Switzerland) and in 2017, its turnover was 1.17 billion euros.

Ingenious.Easy.Secure. Three simple words. Description of our business and our way of working… and starting point for our success.CEO Uwe Schumacher

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