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DreamQuark: leverage data to improve health insurances

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 7, 2016

Insurance are currently facing the real challenge to create a higher value out of the big data they have accumulated. This is even more challenging as this volume of data is continuously growing. The analysis of these data with novel, more advanced solutions based on technologies such as deep learning could be a real opportunity to improve our knowledge of the policy-holder and to transform the way insurance study and manage their risks. In this context, DreamQuark develops the technology and the solutions which will help build the next generation of intelligent prevention, diagnosis and care systems.

Deep learning
DreamQuark develops solutions around data-analysis and artificial intelligence for healthcare and insurance companies to help them tackle the challenge of creating value from the large amounts of data they have stored. The company has built its strategy around its core expertise in deep learning, a new field in artificial intelligence, and currently the most active research field in machine-learning. This revolution opens a space for new business solutions with in mind intelligent behaviour understanding, perceptual devices and risk management systems. Our main mission is to reinvent how healthcare and insurance professionals analyse large volumes of unstructured data to transform diagnosis, prevention and customer relationship. The technologies that address these issues are then made to be used by anyone not for developer and experts only. Our deep learning technologies are literally revolutionizing the way the data are analysed and accelerate the development of new services around structured data, images, voice or text. This is a major growth opportunity for the insurance and healthcare industry. We have developed a platform, called “Brain”, to offer the opportunity to major insurance and healthcare companies to take advantage of the precision of these new algorithms while relying on a secure infrastructure specially designed for healthcare and insurance. With recent developments and ongoing research in deep learning around predictive and prescriptive technologies, “Brain”, DreamQuark’s turnkey white box solution, provides a significant performance and accuracy increases and offers a wide range of functionalities and use cases.

DreamUp Vision
With the use of Brain DreamQuark also developed “DreamUp Vision”, a solution to accelerate the diagnosis of retinal diseases. The early detection of retinal diseases could prevent blindness. The core deep-learning engine of DreamUp Vision performs a quick detection of complicated patterns in retinal images, and is capable to detect the smallest effects. This facilitates the early diagnosis of the different retina disorders. Deep-learning allows this detection with the performances of the professional ophthalmologists. We have implemented this engine both in a mobile application and an online web-application forms. With its simple usage it could be used by healthcare professionals staying in permanent contact with a patient, not simply by professional ophthalmologists.

Why we selected DreamQuark for DIA Barcelona
With the “Brain” platform, DreamQuark creates an unprecedented value from insurance data thanks to state of the art artificial intelligence technologies. And like DreamUp Vision demonstrates, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Who is DreamQuark
DreamQuark is a young French startup, founded in late March 2014. This company is a follow-up of the PhD work of Nicolas Meric, Founder and CEO of DreamQuark, in machine learning and Big Data, which are part of our core skill set. DreamQuark relies on a competent team of data scientist, all with PhDs in physics, from the best research laboratories in France.


Presenting at DIA Barcelona Nicolas Meric, CEO & Founder

Contact info Cécile Thiakane, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, + 33 633 084 533, [email protected]


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