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DriveQuant: analytics for connected Drivers and Vehicles

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 10, 2018

Paris-based DriveQuant is a company with a background in automotive and research that develops driving data analysis services based on physical models and mathematical optimization tools, making it possible to gauge fuel consumption and the environmental impact of driving, optimize driver safety and even support predictive vehicle maintenance solutions.

DriveQuant designs and develops these services for various players in the automotive and mobility sectors, including: insurance firms, fleet administrators, distribution and maintenance networks, manufacturers, rental companies and mobility service providers. DriveQuant’s primary mission is to collect, analyze and add value to these data from connected vehicles and drivers to make it easier to leverage. This is vital to designing and creating new services aimed not only at establishing a dialogue with drivers but also at engaging them. By transforming their cars into smart vehicles using smartphones or any connected device, drivers can now analyze and improve their driving.

In the last year DriveQuant has signed 15 partnerships with companies in insurance, automotive, new mobility (car-sharing and ride-sharing), training, fleet management, research institute and leasing. They have collaborations with Allianz, MAIF, ALD, Orange, Faurecia, Groupauto, Mobile Devices, Veolia. Their apps and services are used by more than 50k users in total and this number is growing fast. In 18 months, DriveQuant, a subsidiary of French public research institute IFPEN, has enabled another insurer (MAIF) to launch a world premiere: pay-per minute insurance.

They are awarded by Mobility and Automotive R&D (Mov’eo) and Fintech (Finance Innovation) competitiveness clusters. Nominated as best free and paid apps on Eco-driving by French papers.

How it works
DriveQuant can transform any car in a smart vehicle thanks to a smartphone, by coupling the device’s sensors and model-based cloud computing. Drivers only need to install one of the partners’ application and keep using their phone as they are normally doing. The app will automatically detect, record and analyze the trips to provide coaching advice and other services after the trip when the user is not driving anymore. No manual action is required from the driver other than improving his driving behavior based on the driving advice.

DriveQuant has also developed connected car services that empower drivers to act on their car budget, environmental footprint or safety and help them to (re)connect with their car. DriveQuant enables drivers or any authorized third party to not only monitor the car’s vitals but also to understand the impact of the driving behavior and usage and act on it through our coaching assistant.

Their services range from safety to CO2 and pollutant emissions and from total cost of ownership (fuel, wear and tear and insurance) to prognostic. They also have developed features to engage with drivers through challenges, messaging, or profile-based offers to make them frequent users of their solution. These services are conceived to work with any embedded system, black box, OBD dongle or smartphone and can be accessed through API, SDKs, or white-labeled app.DriveQuant aims at making connected cars a standard on any car on the road right now. They transform any car in a smart vehicle thanks to a smartphone, by coupling the device’s sensors and model-based cloud computing.

Why we selected DriveQuant for DIA Munich
DriveQuant provides concrete solutions to reduce the risk of accidents on the roads. The latest solution is using telematics to improve safety for bike riders.
Enabling car-related companies such as insurers, leasing and rental companies, car and ride-sharing operators and fleet management to leverage on the connected car, analytics, services and smartphone-based solution to transform any car in a smart vehicle.

At DIA Munich Augustin Leman, Head of Business Development of DriveQuant and April Moto will present Motocoach, the first connected insurance offer for motorbikes in collaboration with Allianz. The Motocoach app is a ready-to-go smartphone-based telematics solution that includes bike specific connected services. It is also the demonstration of a new advanced risk indicator based on adherence.

Check out their live demo here:​

Who is DriveQuant?
Automotive has profoundly changed the world but not without causing issues that we know too well: accidents and pollutant emissions. However there are solutions to come with the connected cars or the autonomous vehicles, there will not be enough of these vehicles on our road to have a significant impact on these issues before 10, 20 or 30 years. So, what do we do until then? Repeatedly asking themselves this question, Olivier, and Philippe, who were researchers at French research institute IFPEN at the time, decided to tackle this issue.

DriveQuant was founded in February 2017 after several years’ research and development within the IFP Energies Nouvelles (IFPEN), a major French player in the field of energy, transport and environment-related research and training. DriveQuant is now a subsidiary of IFPEN, meaning that it still benefits from the R&D support provided by the latter to enable it to deliver the best driving analysis services possible.

They provide services to partners in France, Germany, Switzerland, and also deploy them in third party solutions all over Europe.

”All our services are designed and developed with the aim of supporting the transformation of mobility in an agile and flexible way: safety, driving behavior, fuel consumption, environmental footprint. We are doing our utmost to provide concrete solutions to reduce the risk of accidents on the roads, which still constitutes one of the leading causes of death at work worldwide.” Philippe Moulin, CEO at DriveQuant

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