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DriveQuant: smartphone-based connected motor insurance & services

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 21, 2019

DriveQuant develops driving data analysis services based on physical models and mathematical tools such as measuring driving safety, the environmental impact of driving, fuel consumption and tire and brake wear. These services are designed for automotive and mobility professionals such as motor insurers, fleet managers, distribution and maintenance networks, car manufacturers, rental companies, instructors and mobility services providers.

DriveQuant developed mobile-based telematics solutions for major motor insurance actors in France such as the world first Pay-per-Minute auto insurance program with Altima, a learner-driver connected booklet app with MAIF (‘Conduire par MAIF’), a mobile app dedicated to mutual assistance on the road and safety named ‘Roole’ with Club Identicar, or a mobile app dedicated to two-wheelers’ road safety signed by Allianz/APRIL MOTO (‘MOTOCOACH’).


The Parish-based startup won 2 trophies for the first pay-per-minute auto insurance by Altima during the French Insurance awards in 2018, and they were finalists at the French Road Safety awards 2019 (Prix Innovation ‘Route plus sûre’ de la Sécurité Routière) with the ‘Conduire par MAIF’ app. At the moment they have about 15 customers and about 15 POC running.


Mobile based telematics for data collection and analysis
Many motor insurers have already tried telematics in its traditional form to collect and leverage drivers’ data with a dongle hardware. It made it economically difficult to sustain with the cost of the hardware itself, its setup and the maintenance. To solve this DriveQuant provides them with mobile based telematics for data collection and analysis.

This is made possible through connected mobile apps which automatically detect motorized trips, collect and analyze data. It not only makes it possible to build customer and usage-based offers based on the data collected, but these apps are key to enhance customer relationship and create new and positive points of contacts with the insured.

DriveQuant embed additional services for the drivers too, in order to engage them such as driving safety and eco-driving scoring, coaching, gamification, vehicle maintenance like tire and break wear.

How it works

Why we selected DriveQuant for DIA Munich
DriveQuant developed a mobile-based telematics technology that makes it possible to connect any vehicle thanks to the smartphone of its driver and to create value from the data collected. This technology is an effective lever to reduce the risk of road accidents, the costs associated with vehicle use and wear, and the environmental footprint of mobility, today and on a large scale.

Who is DriveQuant?
After several years working in research and development for IFP Energies Nouvelles (IFPEN), a major public-sector research and training player active in the fields of energy, transport and the environment, Philippe Moulin and Olivier Grondin founded DriveQuant in Paris in February 2017.

The two engineers have created a portfolio of services based on their research into optimizing energy consumption and reducing harmful exhaust gas emissions from motor vehicles. DriveQuant operates worldwide.

” There is a lot of talk today about connected vehicles or even autonomous vehicles. But we may have to wait another 10, 20 or 30 years before most vehicles are connected. Our mobile telematics technology makes it possible to connect any vehicle thanks to the smartphone of its driver and to create value from the data collected, today, globally.”
Philippe Moulin, CEO & Co-founder

Philippe MOULIN, Co-Founder and CEO

Olivier GRONDIN, Co-Founder and Innovation & Product Director

Munich 22-23 November


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