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DriveQuant: Smartphone telematics for a safer and more sustainable mobility

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on May 24, 2023

Smartphone telematics benefits both insurers and their clients. Insurers can get a very accurate picture of the risk profile of their portfolio and they can offer innovative services that make their customers more engaged and more aware of the added value brought by their insurers. Customers get a tool to reduce their environmental impact, optimise fuel consumption and a tool that can reward them for being safe drivers.

Part of the FairConnect group, DriveQuant is a French insurtech that provides smartphone telematics solutions to car insurers and mobility players. Its technology empowers companies by offering them a toolbox that gives them the opportunity to measure the driving behaviour of their customers/users, identify their risk profile, improve their underwriting models, detect fraud and engage customers through gamification.

The insurers’ customers can also highly benefit from telematics: it reduces risks on the road because of driving challenges, it improves safety with crash detection, and they receive coaching, eco-driving, and connected maintenance.

So, in addition to the conventional telematics features, DriveQuant’s solution gives insurers the ability to launch connected programs that are financially sustainable (prevention to reduce risk, better customer relationships and claims management) while bringing a strong ecological positioning (reducing C02 emissions, reducing fuel consumption, launching eco-driving challenges).

How it works

For insurers who are setting up their first connected programs or who are looking to experiment with smartphone telematics, DriveQuant advises their white-label app. This solution is 100% reliable in terms of driving analysis, easy to deploy, affordable and RGPD compliant compared to traditional telematics devices.

For insurers who are looking to launch their connected project on a larger scale and already have a mobile app, DriveQuant can provide their SDK called DriveKit. It is very simple to integrate into any mobile app and fully customizable. DriveKit brings the exact same features offered by DriveQuant’s white-label app: driving data collection, prevention through gamification, and crash detection.

Why did we choose DriveQuant for ITC DIA Europe?

Since being on stage at DIA Amsterdam 2022 last year, DriveQuant acquired a Partnership with SCOR. Insurers can launch their connected programs with reinsurance from SCOR and DriveQuant’s smartphone telematics solution.

Curious about their telematics solutions? You can find them at their booth at ITC DIA Europe!

Who is DriveQuant?

DriveQuant was founded in February 2017 after several years of research and development at IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN), a French institutional player in research and training in the energy, transport and environment sectors. Since then it raised more than €5M, has acquired more than 40 customers and is now active in more than 10 countries. Primary customers in the insurance industry are: Covea, MAIF and Roole.

Since 2020, DriveQuant has been part of the FairConnect group, a European leader in connected insurance technology for motor, property and health insurance. It provides services to more than 750,000 active policyholders worldwide.

“Our solution, helps the motor insurance industry reduce its environmental footprint, while at the same time brings insurers the services enabled by connectivity: prevention, assistance & better pricing.”

Philippe Moulin, CEO DriveQuant
Amsterdam 12-13 June


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