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Dyrisk: Cybersecurity with a click of the button

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 12, 2022

With the increasing complexity of IT systems, cybercriminals are adapting to become highly skilled experts. Remote working, the evolving Internet of Things, as well as the proliferation of cloud computing, broaden the scope of vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity solutions must therefore support the prevention, detection, and examination of attacks. It is more than a virus scanner or firewall, it is about intelligent and dynamic risk management.

When it comes to cyber security, most companies face a dilemma. If security measures are given too little importance, there is a constant risk of becoming a victim of a cyber incident. On the other hand, if companies protect themselves to the max, not only do costs rise, but business development is also slowed down. As a result, companies face increased business risks. In the eyes of Dyrisk, the answer should be a combination of intelligent, ideally AI-supported analysis and evaluation software, human expert know-how and implementation competence. Which it summarises as the Dyrisk principle.

Dyrisk GmbH provides medium-sized companies in DACH with both qualitative and quantitative risk analytics and supports the implementation of IT security solutions to reduce Cyber risk. The company combines a software-based solution with experienced risk consultants and advisors and access to a network of solution providers in the IT security industry. The solution offers an easy-to-use dashboard that enriches collected data with money measurements for recognised risks. Allowing insurers to take a decision on the company to be insured.

Dyrisk is a subsidiary of Munich Re. With its solution, the insurer receives an up-to-date cyber risk overview and a related orientation. Allowing the to make objective, data-based decisions about the cyber risk situation in the company to be insured.

How does it work?

Dyrisk offers a comprehensive process consisting of three complementary modules: software-based risk analysis, assessment and prioritization, individual expert advice, and support for the implementation of all necessary measures. 

The core of the solution is its proprietary software Dyrisk Analytics, which automates cyber risk assessments, consolidating the data that insurers need in one platform.  Giving the possibility to detail down to asset-related vulnerabilities and the threats or keep a bigger perspective.

Why did we select Dyrisk to present at DIA Munich 2022?

Dyrisk is a subsidiary of Munich RE that is tapping into the biggest yet most underestimated threats to businesses: cyber security. The company automates dynamic risk analysis to better understand and navigate the IT landscape.

At DIA Munich 2022, Florian Hoffstaedter, CEO, and Thaddäus Schwab, Head of Customer Success, will present the solution that Dyrisk presents to midsize companies. They will talk about the difficulties in facing cyber risk and determining the level of security and show how the solution helps insurers see the risks a company runs when it comes to cyber security.

Who is Dyrisk GmbH?

The two founders of Dyrisk are Sven Sigel, COO, and Alexander Slepitschka, CTO. As CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Florian Hoffstaedter, CEO, supports the company’s marketing, sales and strategy. Dyrisk is a subsidiary of Munich Re.

“We see ourselves as a compass that provides SME entrepreneurs with a dashboard through which all risks are recorded and assessed. In addition, recommendations are made to support decision-making. Finally, there are answers like for large companies.”

Sven Sigel, COO at Dyrisk

Amsterdam 12-13 June


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