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e-bot7: Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Nov 13, 2018

e-bot7 brings artificial intelligence to customer service and helps companies achieve greater customer service efficiency. The system analyzes inbound messages, sends them to the right department and provides agents with accurate response suggestions. This reduces the average handling time by up to 80% and automates repetitive and recurring questions right after integration.

Today, customer service is unscalable, unautomated and costly for companies. Support agents have to answer the same questions every day and one question can cost up to 10€ per contact.
e-bot7 brings practical applications of Deep Learning and AI to customer service and helps companies achieve greater customer service efficiency.
The e-bot7 system is based on complex NLP algorithms, which are trained on historical customer service scripts. The NLP is constantly optimized during the operational use so that more and more inquiries can be processed more efficiently. The Agent + AI hybrid model ensures that no wrong answers are sent to customers and both the satisfaction of customers and employees is increased.

e-bot7 has acquired the biggest corporations within Europe in the last 2 years like Siemens, Telefonica, ADAC, Reisebank, Miele, Audi, Wüstenrot, Deutsche Bahn and many more.

How it works

e-bot7 brings practical applications of Deep Learning and AI to customer service and helps companies achieve greater customer service efficiency.

Why we selected e-bot7 for DIA Munich
One of the important changes in the insurance industry will be in the field of customer service, AI and automation. They have developed technologies and use cases which can help the insurance business to become more efficient, effective and in the end save a lot of money.

At DIA Munich Xaver Lehmann, CEO & Co-Founder will be speaking about Customer Service based on Machine Learning.

Check out their live demo here:

Who is e-bot7?
e-bot7 is founded by Fabian Beringer (Sales / Marketing), Xaver Lehmann (Finance / Strategy) and Maximilian Gerer (CTO). Founders have known each other for 14 years. Fabian has a BSc in International Business and specializes in Sales & Marketing. He founded several companies and worked for Adobe. Xaver graduated in Finance from the University of Maastricht and Bocconi in Milan and worked for PWC in M&A and for Berenberg in Investment Banking. The third founder, Maximilian Gerer, worked for 7 years at ASSD as a senior software engineer and has already started several start-ups and joined as a tech lead. He completed a BSc degree at LMU Munich.

One of their milestones for the coming years is their international expansion in Europe and Asia. They want to become the market leader in artificial intelligence for customer service. In addition, they want to increase from 15 employees to 50 next year. A big challenge in this growth phase is not to lose the e-bot7 identity. This makes hiring the right employees very important. Then they want to develop and offer further languages with the internationalization. In the future companies will have to focus more on the expansion of customer service in order to be in direct contact with the customer. This trend is supported by new AI technologies such as the e-bot7 solution. At the moment, it is technologically possible to automate up to 80% of text requests. In 5 years, it will be possible to automate over 98% of the requests. In their opinion, 100% full automation will take even longer. This would require an enormous amount of data, computing power, and new technologies. However, if it is possible, e-bot7 will be the first provider of this AI technology.

Our mission is to support our customers through artificial intelligence in customer service and to increase the efficiency and satisfaction of employees and customersFabian Beringer, CO-founder e-bot7

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