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EasySend: Convert paper forms into smart eForms with a no-code builder

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 19, 2019

EasySend is a revolutionary eForm builder that empowers global insurers to quickly convert paper forms and PDFs into smart eForms without writing a single line of code. With the EasySend platform, customers can easily transform paper and PDF forms into personalized digital experiences, gain full visibility into customer interactions, reduce churn, and drive growth with powerful analytics.

The End-2-End platform automates the design and development of digital insurance products to up to 1 week. Forging a new standard for digital customer relationships. EasySend facilitates one of the most pressing needs of the insurance world, going digital. It also enables a more prosperous insurtech ecosystem by helping insurance companies better understand customer needs, and more quickly and efficiently develop and offer products that meet those needs. EasySend enables this by gathering and analyzing each client’s behavioral data as they interact with the platform, and then extracting and presenting smart analytics and recommendations. Users are able to maximize conversion rates and, ultimately, revenue.

EasySend is already helping over 40 corporations transform their manual forms into smart, fully responsive digital processes which are connected to their internal systems (e.g. CRM, BPM, core banking), all in a matter of hours. The Tel-Aviv-based company works with the leading insurance carriers and financial institutions in the US, Germany, Japan and Israel to transform the way they interact with their customers.

No more inefficient, and time-consuming processes that financial enterprises like insurance companies face on a daily basis when interacting with their customers using manual forms, pdf’s and faxes. By using the platform EasySends’ customers accelerate their digital transformation to gain a leg up in the hitting competition and changing ecosystem. Their customers save on average $1.7M annually per form by dramatically reducing costs associated with coding, maintenance and operations of customer-facing forms.

EasySend’s no-code platform provides an end-to-end solution for creation, monitoring, maintenance and optimization of user-friendly eForms across the enterprise.
Their advanced analytics and optimization engine empower customers to gain full visibility into complex digital workflows, pinpoint problems leading to churn, optimize customer-facing processes, and drive revenue growth.

How it works

The EasySend SAAS, no-code Eform platform enables businesses to present customers with digital forms through a simple intuitive interface on mobile and desktop; receive and process completed forms; automatically update their CRM with information from digital forms; and utilize a smart-sign feature that enables users to digitally sign forms and documents directly from their mobile devices.

The platform converts any existing form into a digital process (Android, iOS or any laptop browser), modern UI, including e-Signature, Co-Browsing, full integration with any hosting application and more.


  • Drag&Drop eForm builder with pre-build components
  • AI Auto-convert: Converts any PDF and paper form into a digital process in a matter of minutes
  • Integrations: EasySend supports out of the box, quick to configure integrations for all CRMs, ERPs and core systems, including a native Salesforce app for quick and easy integration.
  • Agent/Broker portal:  Any agent can access the same powerful abilities to interact digitally with customers.
  • Co-browsing workflows:  Enables agents and customer representatives to fill forms simultaneously on any device

Why we selected EasySend for DIA Munich
EasySend helps financial enterprises improve customer experience and increase operational efficiency by allowing them to digitize all of their paperwork and “cumbersome” forms. Their solution accelerates the digital transformation.

At DIA Munich Gal Miller, VP Product & Marketing demonstrated the AI Auto Convert ability for the first time, empowering enterprises to convert hundreds of forms at once, with zero-coding required. And he showcased their brand-new Salesforce app with deep native integration directly into Salesforce objects, in just a few clicks!

Check out their live demo here:​

Who is EasySend?
EasySend is an Israeli, Tel-Aviv based startup company founded in 2016 by Eran Shirazi (CTO), Tal Daskal (CEO) and Omer Shirazi (COO). The founding team is comprised of experienced professionals, who worked for years in the insurance market and experienced 1st hand the shortcomings of the current ways of doing business. Before even fundraising, EasySend supported 90% of the Israeli financial market.

EasySend was recently funded by Vertex ventures and is rapidly expanding globally, serving over forty enterprise customers, including leading financial institutions and insurance companies in the US, Germany, Japan and Israel.

“While theoretically it is possible to code your entire enterprise digital footprint, the amount of time and resources required to fulfill this task doesn’t make sense when taking into account the agility demands enterprises face today. With EasySend, our customers accelerate digital transformation by orders of magnitude. Thanks to our no-code solution, you can gain full visibility into customer data, enjoy powerful integrations including native Salesforce app and achieve overall agility and cost reductions.” Tal Daskal CEO EasySend

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