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EIS Group: Moving Carriers Closer to Customers

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on May 16, 2019

San-Francisco based EIS Group moves carriers closer to their customers. Unlike modern legacy insurance systems, the EIS Group platform of core and digital solutions is made for the digital age. It unifies the entire insurance lifecycle around customers allowing insurers to create next-gen products and experiences for multiple lines of business: personal, commercial, life, group and voluntary benefits, all from a single platform. It makes it possible for carriers to innovate fast, shift business models and create new ecosystems to outpace industry disruption.

The cloud-enabled EIS digital insurance platform enables insurers to build and deliver fast, simple, engaging experiences across the entire insurance lifecycle; quoting, policy administration, billing, claims and service.

EIS Group solutions are deployed by large and small insurers in the North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific, including Liberty Mutual, Guardian, Desjardins, AIG and CSAA and are a popular choice for insurer innovation labs and greenfields that are bringing to market new digital, on-demand or behavior-based products.


  • The EIS Group insurance platform is unique in its openness to internal and external data, its ability to operationalize that data in real-time within any core process, and to make any core process available for digital user experience.
  • The open architecture features 1,100 Restful APIs available to developers via its built-in digital experience platform for creating persona-based apps (EIS DXP). The core suite itself features connective tissue of over 10,000 APIs.
  • Its unified core (policy admin, billing, claims, customer management), digital experience and data platform shares a common code-base and database and No SQL, event-driven architecture to guarantee real-time customer interactions.
  • Modern legacy systems limit insurer ability to take advantage of insurtech innovation.  EIS Group provides not only a standalone system for test-and-learn, rapid speed-to-market of greenfield or start-up operations, but also a proven fully scalable path and deep functionality to support the very large insurance carriers and their legacy transformation.

How it works

Why we selected EIS Group for DIA Amsterdam
Customer churn is a huge problem for insurers.  Carrier switching results in a €9B annual premium leakage in the European market.  Yet we know that 56% of insurance customers in mature global markets have had no interactions with their carriers in the last 18 months. At the core of the problem are disconnected systems. EIS Group is the technology innovator for insurance. It allows innovative insurers to explore and harness the digital ecosystems that surround and support people, their lifecycles, and their personal and business interests.

At DIA Amsterdam Tony Grosso, VP, Product Marketing & Insurance Strategy from EIS Group will demonstrate a solution that overcomes the gaps between insurers’ CRM, AI/ML initiatives, and sales and servicing operations to predict future customer churn behavior and take action leveraging an open and integrated core and digital insurance platform. 

The solution creates a retention campaign that identifies at-risk customers and initiates an incentivized offer campaign. The platform uses ML to enable insurers to identify campaign candidates and then automatically triggers communications and a series of events within core operations. It uses internal claims and customer data, and leverages customer engagement and digital experience platform capabilities, including mobile app, chatbot and omnichannel supported interactions, to complete a retention campaign from candidate identification through billing.

Check out their live demo here:​

Who is EIS Group?
EIS Group is a privately held company founded in 2008 with headquarters in San Francisco and operations in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.
CEO Alec Miloslavsky has more than 20 years of experience in technology and entrepreneurial leadership. Prior to EIS Group, Alec was the co-founder and former chairman and CEO of Exigen Services, now named Return on Intelligence, a company that has grown to revenues exceeding $70 million.

“IS Group was founded to bring to insurance the digital technologies that have transformed entire industries. We are a fit for insurers who believe the future of insurance will be different from today’s insurance.  We are a fit for the future-focused carrier who is product and channel agnostic and is open to new business models, those who need an insurance platform – as opposed to an insurance system – that is flexible to take them wherever the future of insurance goes.” Alec Miloslavsky, CEO, EIS Group

Alec Miloslavsky, CEO, EIS Group

Amsterdam 12-13 June


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