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Enterprise Bot: Personalized Insurance Assistants Powered by GenAI 

Written by Jolijn Schalkwijk on Jan 2, 2024

Enhancing customer service interactions and streamlining internal processes can help optimise efficiency at insurance companies. Enterprise Bot develops digital assistants to enhance workplace efficiency and creativity by pairing AI with human talent.

Enterprise Bot provides a 24/7 personalized insurance assistant using cutting-edge Generative AI and process automation technology (chat, voice, email bots and agent assist), powered by Large Language Models like ChatGPT, to revolutionize contact centres and enhance customer experience.

Enterprise Bot’s virtual assistant for insurance automates complex tasks such as client identification, creating conversation summaries, agent assistance and real-time analytics, while functioning as a bespoke insurance advisor that helps customers with policy choices, coverage inquiries, claims and more, all in a natural, human-like conversation. This approach has resulted in a 40% increase in query resolution, a >75% increase in CSAT scores, 85% accuracy across customer interactions and a 90% reduction in operational costs, all while providing 24/7 access for customers.

How it works

With its RAG-driven architecture (Retrieval Augmented Generation), Enterprise Bot makes GenAI applications more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective. By continually updating its database and providing domain-specific context to LLMs, it significantly enhances the performance and reliability of GenAI applications in a business setting.

i. Interface: The initial point of interaction where users input their queries, be it via chat, email, documents, or voice calls. 

ii. Firewall: Ensures authorized traffic, protecting the system from unauthorized access and potential security threats. 

iii. Bot Server: Analyses user queries for intent and entity recognition, determining the subsequent workflow. 

iv. DocSearch: A Hybrid and Semantic search engine, transforming user queries into search vectors and fetching relevant data from DocBrain. 

v. DocBrain: Ingests and updates data from various sources, ensuring the content remains fresh and accurate. 

vi. Flow Service: Acts as the RAG pipeline and the gateway to the LLMs, providing a seamless flow of information. 

vii. Blitzico: A no/low code platform for augmenting information or executing tasks via APIs into various systems or RPAs as needed. 

viii. LLM: The Large Language Models like ChatGPT, Azure OpenAI, Llama2, etc., which generate responses based on the provided prompts. 

ix. Training/Validation: Stores all data for analysis, correction, and model fine-tuning to improve the system over time. 

Enterprise Bot’s technology DocBrain, revolutionizes the current intent-based approach of the conversational AI industry. Traditional platforms require extensive training with over 200 intents and at least 50 examples, often coupled with the recreation of already existing website FAQs.

DocBrain overcomes this by autonomously creating knowledge graphs and omni-channel bots from information sources such as websites, PDFs, Confluence, TopDesk, and other repositories. This means that responses are processed without manual intent creation, reducing the time to market by 80%. Additionally, the system updates itself based on website- or document changes, minimizing maintenance effort and eliminating the need for CMS re-creation.

Why did we select Enterprise Bot for ITC DIA Europe Munich?

Enterprise Bot is one of the first providers that went beyond the hype around GenAI and went live with a ChatGPT solution for enterprises. At ITC DIA Europe in Munich, Pranay Jain, Co-Founder and CEO, presented a dynamic demonstration of Enterprise Bot’s GenAI platform, focusing on enhancing both customer and employee experiences. He showcased Enterprise Bot’s solutions in voice, email, chatbots, and agent assist, bringing them to life in real-time scenarios.

Central to the presentation was a hands-on demonstration of building an enterprise-ready chatbot using ChatGPT and Enterprise Bot’s DocBrain technology. Additionally, Jain showed how an AI-powered digital insurance assistant, driven by GenAI, can transform customer interactions by providing instant access to helpful information and streamlining processes through automation.

In Munich, Enterprise Bot’s Show & Tell presentation, featuring a collaboration with Generali Switzerland won the prestigious DIAmond Award.

Who is Enterprise Bot?

Enterprise Bot was founded in 2017 by Pranay Jain, CEO, Ravina Mutha, CGO, and Sandeep Jayasankar, CTO. Headquartered in Switzerland, the company emphasizes Swiss quality and serves global markets, with a tech hub in Bangalore, India, focusing on cutting-edge GenAI and automation. Insurance clients include Generali, SWICA, Sympany, Assura and Companjon.

“Our commitment is towards a future where every business is empowered with a digital ally, ensuring every enterprise thrives in the era of intelligent automation.” 

Pranay Jain, Co-Founder & CEO
Enterprise Bot presenting their Show & Tell together with Generali Switzerland at ITC DIA Europe Munich
London 27-28 January

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