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Eris Industries: The smart contract application platform to solve big problems

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Feb 19, 2016

The London start-up Eris Industries has built a universal platform for smart contracts and legal applications of blockchain technology. This platform is the first that allows the full potential of blockchain-based technologies to be realized in business. By combining blockchains and systems of smart contracts, businesses can take any data-driven human relationship and reduce it to code – guaranteeing accurate and consistent execution of functions that hitherto required human discretion to manage. The free software allows anyone to build secure, low-cost data infrastructure with run-anywhere applications. By using permissionable, smart contracts’ capable blockchains developers can easily solve commercial data driven problems.

Free and Open Source platform
The main product of Eris Industries is the Free and Open Source platform, named Eris. A platform for building, testing, maintaining, and operating distributed applications with a blockchain backend and installed in just seconds. It makes it easy and simple to wrangle the dragons of smart contract blockchains. Developers can build and run sophisticated financial or legal applications using smart contract templates and a simple web-based user interface. With Eris, communities, businesses, governments and anybody else can use smart contracts to automate their business processes. On their own, no more need of a service provider.

Why we selected Eris Industries for DIA Barcelona
In document delivery and settlement processing alone it will offer significant cost reduction and efficiency gains. The company has already delivered smart contract systems to many of the world’s best companies, ranging from bulge bracket banks to insurance conglomerates. Recently Microsoft added Eris to its Azure blockchain as a service (BaaS). Last month PwC started an aggressive blockchain based fintech development program and appointed Eris strategic partner in PwC’s blockchain solutions portfolio. At PwC they firmly believe blockchain technology could significantly reduce costs and enhance traditional financial systems in various industries, among others insurance.

Who is Eris Industries
Eris Industries is founded by Casey Kuhlman and Preston Byrne and backed by Anthemis Group, a leading fintech venture investment firm. The Eris founders are convinced companies need reliable, open-source cryptography in order to stay competitive in a digital age. Therefore they invented: the permissioned blockchain. Casey Kuhlman, CEO, is passionate about bringing distributed technology into mainstream usage for commercial and governance applications. Prior he was the head of legal information systems at the US Open Data Institute. As a lawyer and international development practitioner Casey cofounded the first law firm in Somaliland. He has also been a New York Times bestselling author, and an infantry officer in the Marines. Preston Byrne is COO of Eris Industries and a fellow of the Adam Smith Institute. Previously he was a securitization and derivatives lawyer with Norton Rose Fulbright in London. He continues to geek out on high finance. He also really likes marmots, and advocate in favor of civil liberties and other pertinent legal or policy matters from time to time. “Mathematical infrastructure will replace physical infrastructure” – Preston Byrne, COO Eris “The key point is that our technology could be a huge cost-saver in terms of corporate infrastructure.” – Casey Kuhlman, CEO Eris

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Presenting at DIA Barcelona Brian Fabian Crain, Head of Business Development David Gardner, Head of Partnerships

Contact info Business Development/Sales: David Gardner, Head of Partnerships, [email protected]

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