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Evari: the software layer that empowers insurers to become insurtechs

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jul 11, 2019

Evari makes it possible to rapidly build and deploy customer centric insurance products that are easy to buy, easy to manage, and match customer’s changing needs. Evari is a modular enterprise SaaS platform with:

  • ‘Product builder’ to quickly and easily configure and change new insurance products;
  • Simple integrations, enabling the use of data and AI to dynamically optimize price and risk selection;
  • Omni-channel distribution tools providing a superior policy purchase and management experience, either direct online, via brokers/agents or via API integration to 3rd party distributors.

The startup is currently active in the US, UK and Australian markets, and their services can be deployed globally. They have a deep understanding of insurance products, and operations and distribution through digital and traditional intermediated (broker/agent) channels. Their key strengths lie in making customer-focused design decisions, not policy driven decisions. They also have an end-to-end modular software solution, enabling the use of AI, big data and other smart technologies and, ensuring their solutions have easy data/services integration for their platform customers.

Target group includes insurance carriers and MGA’s seeking to differentiate themselves based on use of data to enhance underwriting and exemplary digital experiences through all distribution channels. 

How it works

Why we selected Evari for DIA Amsterdam

It’s fully flexible insurance policies and the simple language they use to communicate really sets Evari apart, allowing a business to update its insurance at any time and the change is effective immediately.

Who is Evari?
Evari Insure (Evari) was established by Daniel Fogarty (CEO), Robert Jeffrey (COO) and Brack Norris (CDO) in Australia in 2016. It gained its Australian Financial Services License in April 2017. Evari is a Lloyd’s cover holder and launched its first general insurance product in market in September 2017.

Since then, Evari has grown internationally with 4 offices across the UK, Australia and soon to be added USA. In addition to providing the SaaS platform used to empower insurers and MGA’s, Evari’s own Australian subsidiary is a Lloyd’s coverholder and licensed MGA that has built a range of innovative dynamic insurance products for Small Businesses, which it distributes direct online and through integrations with third party brands in Australia.

“We believe that everyone should always have the right insurance.  We’ve built a platform that empowers insurers to offer their customers insurance that is easy to buy, easy to manage and flexible to meet their changing needs”. Daniel Fogarty, Co-founder and CEO. 

L to R
Daniel Fogarty, Co-founder & CEO
Brack Norris, Co-founder & Chief Digital Officer
Robert Jeffrey, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

Amsterdam 12-13 June


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