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EyeOnID: Proactive digital ID-theft protection

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 16, 2018

EyeOnID Group offer a new digital proactive service to prevent digital ID-theft and breach of integrity. ID-theft is one of the fastest growing crimes globally targeting both consumers as SME’s. EyeOnID helps to identify a breach of privacy and sends an alert when private and sensitive information is accessible online. The product is made up of several services and components, in part for integration for B2B, and in part for B2C. B2C companies have the opportunity to customize specific features from the platform to the customer’s needs and wishes. Various degrees of freedom apply to develop specific functionality so that the customer’s type of integration platform can vary.

The product is a cloud-based service with multiple interfaces for use. Available APIs make the scale of integration flexible for partners, but also for the integration of other types of applications. For B2C customers, EyeOnID provides a customer portal with several subscription models. The models are based on the amount of sensitive information that the user wishes to protect, billing cycles and currency. It is possible to change the subscription model and purchase additional products as needed.

EyeOnID is GDPR-compliant and also PSI-DSS certified. They have one of the largest databases in the world with leaked credentials. EyeOnID has partnerships with several large insurance companies and a global framework agreement with Telenor Group where the insurer is HELP Insurance (ARAG Group).

How it works

  • To use the customer portal, the user registers and verifies their account. The user chooses how they wish to be contacted by EyeOnID if necessary. Next, the user selects the data they wish to protect: For example, social security number, credit card numbers and email addresses that are used for logins and identification. Registration and administration of the service can be done either via the web or a mobile application.
  • Once the user has added data, the system initiates an ongoing search for this information. EyeOnID’s various modules implement the process by which volumes of data are searched. If the system finds sensitive data belonging to one of EyeOnID’s registered customers in places where it should not be, a so-called match occurs.
  • When the match has been identified and categorized, EyeOnID will contact the customer in the manner the customer has selected. The system generates a warning, for example, via email and/or SMS, with recommendations on how the specific breach of privacy is best handled by the client.

Why we selected EyeOnID for DIA Amsterdam
ID-theft is one of the fastest growing crimes globally and they target both consumers as SME’s. EyeOnID’s service monitors and warns customers when their sensitive private digital information such as login information, credit card numbers and personal identification numbers becomes accessible on the Internet before any damage can occur. EyeOnID offers proactive digital ID protection of various kind. EyeOnID’s services are well suited for insurance companies.

Who is EyeOnID?
Founded in 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden with subsidiaries in Belgium and the USA. CEO is Daniel Soderberg. The company is listed on NGM MTF 2016 in Sweden. The team exists of 25 members with complementary backgrounds; Swedish military intelligence, text analytics specialists, technology experts and international entrepreneurs form Telecom and Financial Services.


Presenter: Daniel Soderberg

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