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F-Secure all-in-one digital protection for consumers and micro businesses

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on May 30, 2022

In the past year, 34% of consumers faced cyber crime and their security worries have grown. Offering home content insurance and not thinking about the digital life of the consumer is unthinkable of these days. As consumers life are increasingly digital, the need for protecting their digital life has grown. Also, protection through home insurance should reflect this.

Apart from a core necessity, offering security with insurance products increases the value of their offering, improves customer loyalty, reduces churn and lowers fraud claims.

F-Secure is a global cyber security company founded more than 30 years ago.  With their solutions, F-Secure works with the insurer to keep every customer safe. Their security products give end users the best possible protection across their connected devices.

F-Secure TOTAL combines F-Secure’s entire consumer portfolio into one modular app delivering complete security, privacy and identity protection for consumers. Features such as; Internet Security for all devices, VPN for secure and private browsing, Identity protection to secure passwords and online identity enable partners to create offerings to match their business needs. TOTAL can be offered to customers as-is or as partner branded solution.

How does it work?

Both insurers and F-Secure work to provide peace of mind to their customers. F-Secure’s one stop shop means their partners can pick and choose the modules they want from a complete portfolio of digital protection services. The company guarantee a flexible go-to-market, branding and business model, enabling insurers to become the preferred choice to their customers – someone who they can rely on and feel safe with. 

F-Secure has hundreds of solutions live across the globe, including with Allianz Partners. They built a strong partnership and recently launched with Allianz Switzerland the TOTAL solution including end point protection against malware, phishing protection and Identity protection.  

Why did we select F-Secure for DIA Amsterdam 2022?

We see a growing need for cyber security, both because of the digital transformation that takes place everywhere and also we see that many insurers are looking to add services to their insurance product offering. F-Secure taps into both trends. F-Secure has gotten 7/11 best protection awards from AV test.

At DIA Amsterdam, Olli Bliss, Business Development Manager, will present F-Secure’s all-in-one protection TOTAL and their additional services Cyberhelp and Educational material for consumers. It is an all-in-one digital protection portfolio from which insurers can pick and choose the needed elements for their customers. 

Who is F-Secure?

F-Secure makes every digital moment more secure, for everyone. They deliver simple, frictionless security experiences that make life easier for the tens of millions of people they protect and their 170 service provider partners globally. For more than 30 years, they have led the cyber security industry, inspired by a pioneering spirit born out of a shared commitment to do better by working together.

”F-Secure’s mission is to protect people’s digital moments together with our partners. For insurance companies, cyber security is an excellent way to grow recurring revenue and deepen customer relationships. In the end of the day, we both work for the same goal – peace of mind, and reducing consumer risk.”

Timo Laaksonen, CEO, F-Secure

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