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Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 4, 2017, located in Berlin, Paris, Zurich and Bristol, connects lead generators such as online price comparison sites with lead buyers such as independent financial advisers and insurance companies. More than 800,000 leads are annually traded via its industry leading technology platform, using real time auctions and real time lead delivery. The company also acts as an online broker for P&C insurance products. Thanks to its scalable business model, is ideally positioned to benefit from the digital shift occurring in the European insurance and banking domain and to capture the significant market potential ahead.

Founded in 2004, is one of the oldest and at the same time one of the most successful InsurTech companies. generates about one million online leads per year for more than 20,000 insurance experts and financial consultants.  After entering the markets in France, Switzerland and Great Britain, the company recently acquired ComfortPlan, a successful German online insurance broker. The acquisition further strengthens ability to sell insurance online. ComfortPlan’s sophisticated technology compares various insurance products online showing tariffs from more than 50 German insurance companies. This technology will be available to existing affiliate partners in the coming months.

The acquisition and integration is an important step for for further expansion which started in 2013 when BlackFin Capital Partners became the financial sponsor of, leveraging the real-time marketplace technology and digital platform of the company.

Connecting online customers with offline brokers and agents
Digitization changed the way people research and purchase products. More and more comparison sites enable customers to check prices and services with just a few clicks. But complex insurance products still need extensive explanation, and trust in the insurer. This is where the human factor comes into play: 59 percent of all insurances in Germany are researched online, but purchased offline (ROPO), according to a survey by Google and Zurich in 2016. For high value and complex insurance and finance products like health, mortgage and pension insurances, the ROPO share accounts for more than 75 percent of all sales.

Good advice & objective comparisons for consumers
Insurance and financial products differ enormously in their degree of complexity. Whether it is insurance, financing or investment, consumers do not want to leave anything to chance.
They may be able to compare car insurances and select the right offer, however, the more complex the insurance or the higher the loan, the more important it is to choose the offer that best suits the personal life situation with the help of a proven expert. informs consumers about insurance and finance topics and offers interested customers free access to the best possible advice. In the search for suitable offers, visitors can perform neutral tariff comparisons. If they find a suitable offer they can close a contract directly online or receive advice from audited and evaluated offers:
·      Independent price comparison
·      Quality-tested tariffs of all well-known suppliers in comparison
·      Local experts
·      Objective advice on insurance questions
·      Editorial articles, concrete tips and know-how about insurances and financial products

Network available for partners
For more than ten years, has been a reliable partner for new customer acquisition. Insurance and financial experts get high-quality leads in real-time and gain new customers by means of a lead exchange and app. The company offers up to 30,000 leads per month to their consultancy network. offers the largest German affiliate network for online media with visitors interested in insurance and financial affairs. By participating in the affiliate program, affiliates can support their users optimally in the search for suitable insurance and financial products.

Why we selected for DIA Amsterdam? brings transformation in distribution channels. The Finanzen platform helps clients looking for online products to find relevant local brokers, especially for products that require professional advice. And helps competent consultants to get in touch with customers who already have informed themselves online and who are interested in personal advice from an expert.

The marketplace business model cuts both ways. Customers get continuous access to the best products and services in the market and a high-quality digital experience. And costs can be kept at a minimum through connecting (or disconnecting) parties almost in real time.

Who are
As CEO of Finanzen Group, Dirk Prössel leads the rollout of the experienced German InsurTech company into the European market. After leading roles at eBay Deutschland and, the industrial engineer is CEO of the German online marketplace for insurance and finance leads since 2012. Since then, he accelerates the expansion of the technologically innovative lead marketplace in France, Switzerland, UK and other European target markets.

Since 2013 investment firm BlackFin Capital Partners, led by founding partners Laurent Bouyoux, Eric May, Bruno Rostain and Paul Mizrahi, is financial sponsor.

“How to catch the people who research online and give them what they need – a human consultant who is experienced, gives advice and helps customers to find the right insurance? How to guarantee that these consultants do great work? And which technologies enable connecting online customers with offline brokers and agents in real time via desktop or smartphone? That’s where comes in”. Dirk Prössel, CEO


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