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Fingbox: Small Business Cyber Companion

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 16, 2018

Award winning Fing is the leading maker of network scanning and security tools for homes, businesses, insurers, retailers and ISPs. Fing’s technology has unique device recognition capabilities and can instantly recognize any connected device. Their technology is used to discover 15 billion devices annually. They have customers and app users all around the world. Fing has offices in London Dublin and Rome.

Fing products in the market include; Fing App, Fingbox, Fingbox Business, FingKit SDK and customized Smart Home and Cyber projects for various insurers. The company developed a network security companion called Fingbox. The Fingbox won the CES 2018 Innovation Awards by the Consumer Technology Association and includes features like Wi-Fi monitoring, device blocking, internet security checks, digital presence detection and parental control. They are currently working on the evolution of Fingbox, which is a business version of the product called Fingbox Business.

Fingbox Business is a plug & play, affordable solution for SMEs, which connects to the router and monitors the network and all devices. It monitors what’s happening within the network and compliments existing set-ups like firewalls. Through its app, it prompts SMEs to take preventative actions to decrease the risk of Cyber Attacks. It provides anti-phishing and anti-malware features to protect a business.  Preventing cyber-attacks helps ensure business continuity and minimizes loss of revenues which are consequences of a cyber-attack.

They are currently piloting the solution with a Global Insurer, 400 SMEs in Germany, United Kingdom & the United States.

Value added service
Insurance companies are looking for value added services to offer their customers that help increase network/device security awareness and guarantee business continuity. Through a dashboard, insurers have constant visibility about their customers’ security posture and can provide the most appropriate policy terms and pricing. Fingbox Business protects against firmware and malware threats and helps SMEs to take preventative actions in protecting their network. It includes Anti-malware and anti-phishing features. The aim of Fingbox Business is to create security conscious businesses and lessen cyber accidents. The system can also be used by insurers for customer profiling and dynamic pricing.

Fingbox is not a firewall
A firewall (software or hardware) scans packets of information that flow from the internet into your network to determine if the information is safe or not (e.g. malware, spyware, viruses, etc.). Identified threats are blocked from entering. Fingbox does not do this. Fingbox is instead a home network security toolkit that centers around network scanning and device blocking. It protects against physical network hacking and Wi-Fi eavesdropping.

SMEs have a limited IT budget. At the same time SMEs are the victim of nearly half of the Cyber-attacks in the UK and in the US. Previously, insurers would sell a policy with no preventative tools to help SMEs enhance their cyber security posture. Insurers, that have offered anti-virus and audit services, have not managed to significantly increase the sales of their cyber policy nor customer engagement. For Insurers, cyber insurance risk analyses relies on trivial data like surveys and a general understanding of an SMEs network at the time of initial underwriting.

How it works

Why we selected Fingbox for DIA Amsterdam
Fingbox is providing “Data Driven Sciences.” They leverage network data which typically remains invisible to make networks more secure and insurance companies more intelligent. Through data about devices and the network insurers can make their products more tailored, intuitive and relevant.
Fingbox Office will be presented for the first time at DIA 2018.  It is an innovative Cyber Companion which enables SMEs to protect themselves from risks of being hacked. What makes it so innovative is the underlying device recognition technology, security features and its user friendliness. This device enables SMEs even without a System Administrator to take preventative actions to protect themselves Cyber Risks.

Who is Fing?
Fing was started in 2009 by Carlo Medas and Marco De Angelis, with the release of the free Fing network scanning app for iOS and Android. The app instantly became a Productivity App favorite. To date the app has achieved over 30 million downloads and received hundreds of thousands of positive reviews on the app store and Google Play.

Fingbox, the network security toolkit for homes and evolution of the free Fing App was first launched via crowd-funding in 2017. The box raised almost 1.7 million USD and more than 30,000 units have been purchased to date.

Also, in 2017 Fing achieved 2.5 million in revenue through sales and partnerships and it launched its first Insurance Pilots for the Smart Home, Gadget Insurance and Cyber Security with global insurers.

“Fing is awareness. We help businesses and homes see what is going on behind a network. We make the invisible network and devices visible.” Carlo Medas, Co-founder and Big Data R&D Architect

The Fing team with

– Domenico Crapanzano, CEO
– Carlo Medas, Co-founder and Big Data R&D Architect
– Marco De Angelis, Co-founder and Mobile & Web App R&D Architect
– Patrizia Cozzoli, Head of Business Development


Presenter 1: Patrizia Cozzoli
Presenter 2: Domenico Crapanzano

Contact info: Violet Chepil
Email: [email protected]

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