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ForceManager: an all-in-one sales accelerator platform specifically designed for field sales teams

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Nov 9, 2017

ForceManager is the mobile sales management software from Spain that helps to measure, analyze and improve the sales team’s performance. It is a mobile CRM designed specifically for field sales reps. In order to improve results and increase sales activity, the system offers a native application for smartphones, tablets and the Apple Watch that tracks and provides contextual information when on the move, allowing sales reps to work efficiently and focus on selling, not on reporting. ForceManager specifically disrupts the sales process of insurance companies. The app is incredibly intuitive, providing brokers and agents with the sales info they need at the precise moment they need it, significantly increasing user uptake. As a result managers have more data, in real-time, from which they can better direct and monitor the effectiveness of their sales strategy – a major pain point in the insurance sector. 

The mobile CRM application is the first CRM designed from the point of the view of the brokers/agents out in the field. Every built-in feature has to solve a specific need before it’s implemented into the platform, ironing out the UX and removing the unnecessary clutter that plagues traditional CRM systems. It’s more of a personal sales assistant than a CRM. With ForceManager an insurance sales director can boost sales, target unattended leads and smoothen the transition of his field sales team over to a digital platform.

The ForceManager App is used in over 30 countries worldwide to increase the effectiveness of field sales teams and is available in 8 different languages. Well known insurer users are: Santa Lucia, RSM, Catalana Occidente, Generali, DKV.

Using the latest technology
ForceManager maintains their tradition of using the latest, most up-to-date technology to ensure sales activity remains as efficient as possible. After revolutionizing sales management with wearable technology, ForceManager, member of IBM PartnerWorld, is integrated with Watson. By adding a contextual filter to the traditional sales workflow, ForceManager’s new AI platform has the power to automate previously mundane tasks, speeding up field sales reps’ work in times of lower sales productivity, for example when driving, allowing them to focus more on selling. The integration with IBM Watson also makes sense of the endless streams of data coming in from the field, providing managers with unprecedented levels of real-time feedback on the outcome of meetings, pipeline activity and sales closure. The main problem that managers face is a lack of visibility throughout the sales process. However, by combining AI with a mobile sales platform ForceManager has been able to deliver a whole new level of insights to field sales teams worldwide.

Salespeople don’t have time to waste. They spend all day running from one place to another. They can’t afford to wait for a tool to be ready. It has to be right there when they need it. And it has to keep up with their pace.” Xavier Bisbal, Head of Product Development & Co-Founder, ForceManager.

ForceManager helps insurance sales directors handle the things which make their life extremely difficult:

  • Misemployment of complex CRM systems
  • Low agent/broker uptake
  • Slow implementation across the field sales team
  • Lack of perceived system value


Why we selected ForceManager for DIA Munich
ForceManager can be utilized by any insurance company that has a field based sales team. 
After revolutionizing sales management with wearable technology, ForceManager, the system can now detect the tone of sales communications to anticipate sales reps’ needs and ultimately increase productivity.

Who is ForceManager?
Founded in 2011 in Barcelona by Oscar Macia (CEO) and Xavier Bisbal (CTO).

Since its founding in 2011, ForceManager’s aim has been to create revolutionary sales management software, facilitating the work of field sales reps. The company has a significant international presence, with offices in London, Barcelona, Madrid, Bogota and Mexico City and clients in over 30 countries.

In 2014 the company received €2.8m round of funding led by Nauta Capital.

Oscar Macia, CEO and co-founder ForceManager


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