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ForceManager: The All-in-One Sales Accelerator Platform for Insurance companies

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 9, 2018

ForceManager is an easy-to-use platform that provides insurance companies with real-time sales data and effectively bridges the gap between sales strategy and execution. It is a mobile CRM which helps brokers and agents to better manage their customer interactions, prospects and renewals of existing customers. All from a central management tool that holds every interaction that has been done with a customer: insurance policies, renewals, cross-selling, last contact, last visit etc. ForceManager informs a broker when a lead is received. Then, since ForceManager is synced with their phone and email, it records each time the broker contacts the client and measures conversion rates.

ForceManager minimizes time spent by brokers and agents on routine or administrative tasks, therefore maximizing their productivity. The system also uses real-time data to help define best sales strategies, increase conversion rates and improve customer loyalty.

The company is one of the brightest B2B companies in Spain, it’s platform is used in over 36 countries worldwide and available in 8 different languages. Well known insurer users are: Generali, Santa Lucia, RSM, Catalana Occidente and Tranquilidade.

Voice-Activated, AI personal sales assistant
ForceManager’s voice-activated, AI personal sales assistant has a set of functions that delivers contextual info to brokers and agents based on their location. You just need to say “Dana”, the name of ForceManager Cognitive’s personal assistant, to activate the system. It can:

  • Provide the list of all planned visits and make suggestions for increasing productivity.
  • Provide information about the client’s location and list other clients in the area, suggesting cross-selling opportunities where possible.
  • Highlight any negative communications with the client so that their needs can be addressed, and issues resolved as soon as possible.
  • Indicate if traffic conditions are going to result in a broker being late for a meeting so that the client can be notified.
  • Help brokers and agents prepare for client visits, so that they can focus on what’s important.
  • Review the pipeline and current opportunities.

New, the NewsManager: A simple but powerful communication tool. It was created with a heavy input from senior field sales and marketing managers from around the world and integrated into the all-in-one sales assistant platform. NewsManager allows a user to send an important message to a group of sales reps and is notified whether that message was understood by each recipient.

NewsManager assures that any of the communication to the sales team will be opened, read, and understood. With this functionality, area managers are able to send and track an announcement sent to their different sales teams.

How it works
Achieving sales targets strongly depends on the capacity to efficiently manage the network of agents and brokers. There is often a lack of visibility for area managers of their sales team’s activity. ForceManager helps with:

Increasing the productivity of the field sales team and closing the gap between the sales strategy and execution. Provides increased visibility via its mobile app, a tool that Insurance directors and sales executives/managers rely on when managing the channel.

ForceManager provides brokers and agents with a personal sales assistant on their smartphones and tablets, designed to guide and help them through their day to day tasks whilst simultaneously delivering that real-time feedback to area managers.

Why we selected ForceManager for DIA Amsterdam
ForceManager has enabled companies to digitalize their entire offline commercial process, traversing the entire pyramid, from the directors to the final client, through agents and brokers. Everything from a mobile application that can be carried on their smartphones and is as easy to use as WhatsApp.

Previously they demonstrated ForceManager Cognitive at DIA Munich 2017. This was a sole look at their AI feature and how it could be utilized by field agents and brokers to help better manage their time, increase sales conversions and just generally act as an assistant.

This time, at DIA Amsterdam Oscar Macia, CEO at ForceManager and Guillermo Calderon, the Director of Customer and Distributor Experience at Generali will talk about how the digitalization of the sales process, in particular the application of ForceManager, helped modernize and dramatically increase the efficiency of the sales process.

Who is ForceManager?
Since its founding in 2011, by OSCAR MACIA (CEO) and XAVIER BISBAL (CTO) ForceManager’s aim has been to create revolutionary sales management software, facilitating the work of field sales reps. The company has a significant international presence, with offices in London, Barcelona, Madrid, Bogota and Mexico City and clients in over 36 countries. The international team includes over 100 employees of 16 nationalities.

Key partners/ investors:

  • Partners: Apple & IBM
  • Investors: AXA Strategic Ventures, Nauta Capital, FINAVES, Caixa d’enginyers, Banc Sabadell, Family Owners.

“After serving various sale director roles it dawned upon me that the data entered into the CRM by sales guys working out of the office, was inaccurate. Either that or it was extremely out of date. Now I don’t blame the field sales team as the tools available at the time for reporting simply weren’t fit for the job – cumbersome, slow and difficult to navigate, there’s no way I’d have been using them either. That’s when the light bulb moment hit; now I can’t be the only one with this problem, can I? A little research and a few questions to the right people confirmed my suspicions. There was a HUGE issue here that nobody was doing anything about it. It was at this moment ForceManager was born”.


Presenter: Oscar Macia

Contact info: 
Email: [email protected]

Amsterdam 12-13 June


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