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Gefen Technologies: Empowering insurance providers to create & capture meaningful moments in real-time

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on May 8, 2018

Tel-Aviv based Gefen leverages digital transformation to create, capture, and empower meaningful interactions between the world’s top insurance providers and their customers. The award winning all-in-one platform called Moments, empowers insurance providers to undergo digital transformation in just three months, providing agents with a simple and intuitive platform they’ll actually want to use. Agents can finally stop cold calling and connect with clients on their terms, and distribution managers gain visibility to monitor performance and make data-driven decisions. It creates business opportunities by capturing meaningful interactions and engaging the user in real-time with the most relevant information.

Gefen is the only solution on the market that is built to solve a very specific problem: how do you take an organization that has a large-scale multi-layer physically distributed network and turn it into a connected digital network? They took all the relevant features and combined them into one solution that gives the user everything they need and nothing they don’t. Gefen works with some of the largest insurance companies. One of their customers won a Global Innovation Award for their white label implementation of the Gefen platform.

The world has changed
Being an insurance agent used to be simple. You drove to your office, sat at your desk from 9 to 5, and managed all communication via phone, fax, and mail. You had face-to-face meetings with clients, and the entire business was physical, tangible, and mostly under control.
But the world has changed. People now live in both the digital and physical space. Customers demand a different kind of experience, one that’s hyper connected, personalized, and on their terms.  They want to talk only when and how it’s convenient for them. They expect from their insurance agent to know exactly what they need at all times and be aware of all the information they have already received.

For insurance agents, evolving with the times is not that simple. Many of them lack the training, knowledge, and resources to take their existing businesses and become digital. And if you’re an insurance carrier, how do you solve this problem for 10,000 agents? There are thousands of solutions out there that support “digital transformation,” but it’s generally a very complicated, lengthy, and expensive process.

Gefen is built to solve this exact problem for every single stakeholder in the insurance company, all the way from the CEO down to the agent in the field.

How it works
The platform is a simple and easy-to-implement solution for every stakeholder in the insurance industry to stay competitive and create personalized customer experiences in this digital age. Gefen empowers insurance agents, even if they’re not technically savvy, to respond to customers online in real-time and enjoy meaningful moments with their customers. For distribution managers and executive managers, they provide innovative performance and monitoring tools so they can finally make data-driven decisions.

Insurance providers can undergo digital transformation in less than 3 months. It’s built with future-proof implementation in mind, so the infrastructure can evolve along with the organization. Agents are empowered with their own customizable websites and easy-to-use marketing toolbox to engage with customers online in real-time and prioritize those who are ready to convert. With the flip of a switch, they’re able to provide personalized and tailored experiences for customers on their terms. Managers can monitor the performance of agents and make data-driven decisions.

Why we selected Gefen Technologies for DIA Amsterdam
Gefen Technologies empowers the insurance agent in the digital era, providing agents with the data and insight they need to create a personalized experience in real-time. They enable large and distributed enterprises to gain control over their digital presence and become customer-centric organizations. It’s time to say goodbye to cold-calling.

At DIA Amsterdam Orni Daniel, Founder & CEO will give a demo of the Gefen platform showing how it can empower agents to build meaningful relationships with customers and stop cold calling forever.

Who is Gefen Technologies?
Gefen Technologies was founded in 2009 by Orni Daniel, Elad Daniel, and David Nash. The company is privately funded and backed by the world’s largest corporations.

” What is digital transformation?  Forget about all the buzzwords, it’s about humans. It’s about the customer. Where they are today, where they’re going to be tomorrow, where they expect you to be, capturing what they’re interested in, and providing it when it’s convenient for them.” Orni Daniel, Founder and CEO Gefen Technologies

Orni Daniel, Founder and CEO Gefen Technologies


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