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Grupo MOK: Omnichannel platform with tailor-made digital services for insurers and their customers

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 6, 2023

The relationship between insurer and customer is changing. Customers nowadays seek a stronger connection with their insurer – a partnership. Customers appreciate support from their insurer to help guide them with programs and tips to try and prevent incidents and claims.

Grupo MOK makes insurance tangible by further strengthening the relationships between policyholders and insurers. Grupo MOK, originally a typical assistance company, has now shifted to being a technological company, also delivering digital services. Grupo MOK delivers omnichannel platforms to improve claims processes, making insurance services more easily accessible for the end customer and making claims processes more cost-efficient for the insurer.

How it works

Grupo MOK delivers digital platforms with tailor-made solutions that aggregate digital and analogic services. Everything the insurer wants to offer can be offered in one place to make it easier for the end user. This also benefits the insurer, as all user data, needed to optimize claims processes, will be collected in one place. Let’s view an example of what Grupo MOK can do in health insurance.

Grupo MOK’s flexible approach allows health insurers to create customizable platforms for their different products. This comprehensive and easy-to-navigate online environment can give access to various kinds of services. Think e-learning, wellness tips, easy access to health providers, an online environment for the elderly, and loyalty platforms and reward programs to help prevent unnecessary claims.

There are numerous things that can be integrated into each category on the platform. For example in the elderly environment, Grupo MOK can offer things like parameter monitoring, active ageing tips, information about spas, leisure and tourism, dependency calculator, online monitoring, home support, handyman assistance, watch tracking, senior dental services, furniture for elderly and cybersecurity- and computer assistance. The wellness environment can include things like recorded fitness classes and challenges, (mental) health programs, online health events and nutrition.

Health and accident insurance is only one example, Grupo MOK can also support car, pet, home and life insurers. Each platform Grupo MOK delivers is tailor-made for each insurer.

Why did we select Grupo MOK for ITC DIA Europe

Grupo MOK offers omnichannel platforms to insurers and their customers, offering different services in one place and making it easily accessible for the end customer. Grupo MOK’s platforms and its services can be tailor-made to the wishes and goals of the insurer, depending on their customer needs.

At ITC DIA Europe in Barcelona 2023, Miguel Aldálur, CEO of Grupo MOK Iberia, took the stage to showcase the possibilities of Grupo MOK’s tailor-made solutions.

Who is Grupo MOK?

Grupo MOK was founded in 1996. Grupo MOK is a B2B2C and a white-label company. They are active in 11 countries, partnering with insurers and servicing around 30 million customers. Grupo MOK has offices in Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Spain.

Miguel Aldálur, CEO of Grupo MOK Iberia
Amsterdam 12-13 June


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