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Guidewire, a platform for success

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 31, 2017

Guidewire delivers the software that Property and Casualty (P&C) insurers need to adapt and succeed in a time of rapid industry change. Guidewire combines three elements: core processing, data & analytics and digital engagement, into a technology platform that enhances insurers’ ability to engage and empower their customers and employees. Guidewire is chosen for their technology but also their track record. More than 300 P&C insurers around the world of all shapes and sizes, from large to small, from direct to captive agency, from broker to business partner, have selected Guidewire.

Engaging with customers; the right service at the right time and in the right way
Engaging with customers is putting increasing demands on insurers to provide the right service at the right time, and in a consistent and repeatable way. It is critical that insurers are able to know how customers are reacting to the way they are being treated, and that they are assured they are getting the best possible service. One way of doing this is through process systems – something Guidewire knows a lot about, providing the industry’s leading platforms for doing this. Next, insurers want to be able to provide these processes to the right channel and in the right way – and this includes call center operatives who engage with customers every day. Getting this right, particularly during the moment of truth which is a claim, is mission critical. Get this wrong, and you will quickly see how in the Digital age that one bad experience rapidly is disseminated around the Web.

The Deloitte Digital and Guidewire alliance
The Deloitte Digital and Guidewire strategic alliance brings together Deloitte’s deep experience in business transformation in the insurance industry with Guidewire’s suite of core systems applications. Together, they help insurers realize their targeted business outcomes by transforming business processes that take advantage of the flexible capabilities in Guidewire’s software.

New, Gateway Portal and EVA
What Deloitte Digital and Guidewire have been working on over the past few months is a way to assist insurers in delivering a highly attuned service to their customers. They chose to do this using their Digital engagement product for the Call Centre – Gateway Portal for CSRs, in conjunction with the EVA customer interaction engine from Deloitte Digital.

EVA provides deep insights about a customer’s emotions and intentions, following a layered approach that combines multiple techniques for voice analysis such as signal processing, artificial intelligence, emotion recognition and psychology. This provides an integrated dashboard which guides the customer service representative, ensuring improved and more effective customer engagement. 

Why we selected Guidewire for DIA Munich
To help insurers adapt and succeed in a time of rising digital expectations, Guidewire provides solutions that insurers can use to offer distinctive digital experiences and engage with customers, brokers, agents as well as vendors through their digital channels of choice. They help drive new business, increase operational efficiency, and improve customer service through digital channels.

The alliance between Deloitte Digital and Guidewire is unique and we are pleased they will show and tell together about the Digital engagement product for the Call Centre in conjunction with the EVA customer interaction engine from Deloitte Digital at DIA Munich.

Who is Guidewire?
In 2001, the company was founded in Silicon Valley, California by six people: Ken Branson, James Kwak, John Raguin, Marcus Ryu, John Seybold and Mark Shaw.

More than 300 P&C insurers off all sizes and lines around the world have selected Guidewire. Including AXA Group, Zurich Group, Aviva, Baloise Group, Mapfre Group, Nationwide, MetLife and Admiral Group.  They are chosen for their technology but also their track record. The company invest heavily in R&D and is recognized by the whole industry. They have a worldwide partner eco-system with over 5,000 Guidewire experienced consultants.

Guidewire is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol GWRE. The company went public on January 25, 2012 at an initial public offering price of $13.00 per share. The total revenue for fiscal year 2017 was $514.3 million, an increase of 21% from fiscal year 2016.

Mark Mullin, Digital Strategy Director, Guidewire Software

Miguel Mendes, Digital Technology Manager, Deloitte Digital. 


Presenter 1: Mark Mullin
Presenter 2: Miguel Mendes

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