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Helpshift: Transforming Support Through Connected Customer Conversations

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Feb 9, 2020

Helpshift bridges the disconnect between conventional customer service channels, like email and phone support, and a growing consumer base that does more on mobile phones and has a strong preference for messaging as the primary mode of communication. Through Helpshift’s AI-powered support platform, companies can resolve issues more efficiently, boosting customer satisfaction in the process. Companies such as Xfinity Home, Microsoft, Virgin Media, Zynga, Viacom, and hundreds of other leading brands use the Helpshift platform to provide messaging-first customer support.


The next-generation digital customer service software enables B2C brands to scale their support while offering differentiated experiences through phone, web, in-app, email and messenger app channels. The innovative asynchronous messaging model across these channels gives people back their time, keeps conversations in context and allows humans and automations to work together to solve problems faster.

The Helpshift platform embeds knowledge and AI to let customer service organizations best utilize a mix of automated service, self-service and human-assisted service. Customer service agents will have all the context and data they need to expedite issue resolution too. This offering can be embedded in mobile applications owned by the insurers or it can be combined with service platforms like Salesforce Service Cloud or Zendesk.

Helpshift is installed on two billion devices worldwide and serves more than 820 million active consumers monthly.

How it works

Beyond simply providing a platform for customer support, Helpshift provides smart automation in the form of bots and AI to automatically respond to customers with pertinent information, classify tickets for easy segmentation and aggregate relevant information for seamless handover to a human agent when necessary.

With Helpshift, agents can easily take over from bots to manually resolve complex issues and designate bots to handle routine workflows, allowing your agents to handle more issues and resolve tickets faster.

Why we selected Helpshift for DIA Munich

Helpshift empowers insurtech companies to improve Customer Satisfaction while simultaneously improving efficiency by using automation to augment human agents for better customer support outcomes. Agents are freed from providing or collecting routine information and can instead focus on delivering excellent service with empathy and compassion. Meanwhile, automation can scale CS operations without the need for additional agents.

At DIA Munich Evert Jan Tazelaar, Area Vice President, EMEA showcased an example of a customer interaction meanwhile explaining the concepts behind supported by some key statistics. On a mobile and a laptop (mimicking the agent view) for a full 360 view of their solution.

Check out their live demo here:​ 

Who is Helpshift?

Helpshift is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices around the globe and is backed by True Ventures, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Nexus Venture Partners.

Linda Crawford, CEO                Abinash Tripathy, Founder & CSO (Chief Strategy Officer)               

“Customer service platforms today are largely built for the benefit of the brand — to streamline their support operations. Unfortunately, this has resulted in disconnected experiences and long wait times for the end customer. We envisioned Connected Customer Conversations to help today’s consumers overcome this burden, and to make contacting customer service as convenient and effortless as possible. By embedding self-service, phone support, and bots into the messaging conversation, we have delivered on that promise.” Linda Crawford, CEO

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