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HiThere: the insurer of the future

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Sep 19, 2017

HiThere, the ambitious Dutch startup wants to reinvent insurance. They strongly believe they can improve the quality of life by providing customers a safety net through insurance. This safety net should be affordable and available to everyone all over the world.

So that is why they decided to build their own unique platform: HiThere. A fully automated, modular back-office insurance platform that integrates the back-office seamlessly with the front-end, operates securely in the cloud, is accessible for customers, intermediaries and the insurer and is able to deal in a fully automated way with all life insurance products – closed books and open books – in a fast and flexible way. It is possible to provide personalized premium quotes, based on AI and advanced analytics.

HiThere started from scratch and did not have to keep existing, outdated systems in the air.  
By making progress in the six key dimensions discussed in the McKinsey report, the making of a Digital Insurer, they build a brand-new insurer based on the latest insights, new regulatory demands, greater administrative efficiency, growing cost pressure and digital transformation. The total amount invested in the current HiThere application is around € 4 mln. 

McKinsey (The Making of a Digital Insurer).

Advantages of a fully automated back-office
HiThere has full, digitized processes, the latest data analysis technology and is not bound to a physical location. It offers great cost reduction, pricing based on pay per policy, personalized premium quotes and the ability to provide all the required business information real time to all the stakeholders. Handling the whole life insurance back-office chain in a fully automated way. 

The startup concentrates on designing creative and new ways to involve their customers and thereby radically improve customer experience. This will ensure that it becomes part of a much larger service platform that consists of a community of companies around the customer with all the services that he needs.

Digital platform for funeral insurance
The HiThere team developed tailor-made software for the funeral and cremation association Bleijerheide (BCB) in Kerkrade. They automated all the processes and created a full digital platform. New members can sign up online and existing members can make changes online at any time and view their information. All automatically and fully automatically processed in the BCB administration. The HiThere team also manages the actuarial consulting, the auditing and asset management. The membership administration, sending invoices and making transactions are now completed a flip of a coin. The contributions are automatically generated via HiThere, which greatly accelerate and simplifies the collection process.

Why we selected HiThere for DIA Munich
HiThere is reinventing insurance. In the current environment of rapid change, core processing, data analytics and digital engagement hold the potential to optimize the insurance lifecycle. HiThere is built on these pillars whilst putting the customer at the center of the business.
With their digital platform for BCB they showcased their abilities. We’re very pleased HiThere wants to showcase their game-changing approach at DIA Munich.

Who is HiThere?
HiThere is founded in 2016 by Ruud Kleynen, owner of Kleynen Consultants and associate Member Maastricht Centre for Taxation, Maastricht University. The HiThere crew are actuaries and econometricians with a profound background in IT. They call themselves: the Game Changers.

Ruud Kleynen, CEO and founder of HiThere.


Presenter 1: Ruud Kleynen
Presenter 2: Florentijn Hogerwerf

Contact info: Ruud Kleynen
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +316 52004755

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