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HRS: Digital-first claims accommodation platform, caring for policyholders in their time of need

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jul 11, 2023

According to research by KPMG 70% of customers prefer digital channels over traditional channels. Unfortunately, many insurers solely rely primarily on human call centres for their claims customer journey and end-to-end interaction with policyholders.

HRS enables a digital claims accommodation experience by modernizing insurance carriers’ customer claims journey. HRS provides a frictionless policyholder experience across accommodation booking, pay, mobility budget and digital communication, supporting policyholders quickly in their greatest time of need. With a SaaS platform and suite of automated and managed service solutions, HRS supports P&C policyholders with urgent temporary accommodation when needed most, resulting in increased customer retention and operational efficiency.

Under clients’ home/home contents policy with their insurance carrier, there may be a provision for temporary accommodation if their place of residence is deemed unliveable – due to a fire, flood, damage etc. This is an assigned budget per night, depending on the premiums paid. Traditionally, customers will need to call a service agent or source this accommodation themselves. This can result in a long wait time for approval, accommodation that doesn’t fit their family criteria (special access/pet friendly), as well as out-of-pocket expenses, with policyholders having to reclaim the cost of accommodation after the fact.

HRS’ digital communication self-service journey sources available hotel accommodation within their geographic, personal and policy criteria parameters with live book capability and touchless pay capability. They remove the burden of payment from the policyholder, allowing a seamless check-in, and check-out, all possible from the policyholder’s mobile device. In the back end, the operational and insights dashboard gives insurance carriers and agents the power to not only initiate these journeys instantly for their customers but provides valuable claims data insights that they can action to increase the value they are providing to their customers.

HRS launched Version 1 of this solution ready-to-market, with pilots in the pipeline across Germany, US and Australia. HRS currently serves 70% of the Australian P&C Home Insurance market, but they are involved in all global markets, with a focus on Germany, USA, Australia, France, Italy and the UK.

How it works

Once a claim has been lodged by the policyholder and approved by the carrier, the carrier sends a personalized link to Policyholders’ mobile device via SMS/Email. The policyholder clicks through and confirms their policy details which opens the platform. A self-service questionnaire follows, which will determine their accommodation criteria. After submission, they are sent a list of accommodation options relevant to them. They choose an option and check if it suits their needs. Simply “Book now” and the accommodation is booked with the hotel. Paperless invoicing and confirmation is sent to their email. It’s that easy!

Why did we choose HRS for ITC DIA Europe?

HRS offers a digital-first, self-service journey with an omni-channel approach to customers. Traditionally, this is a long process of trying to find temporary accommodation over the phone with a human consultant which can be frustrating and stressful, particularly after suffering a loss such as property. HRS enables instant response to policyholders when they need it the most. They are also aware that there are times a personal touch is required. It is this omni-channel approach which speaks to customers the way they want to be spoken to, maximizing satisfaction.

At ITC DIA Europe in Barcelona, Ana Pedersen, CEO, Insurance Solutions at HRS, presented a walk-through of two journeys on its platform. One for the policyholder, when they lodge a claim and the initiation of a self-service journey, as well as the operational and insights dashboard available to the insurance carrier.

Who is HRS?

Founded in 1972 in Germany, HRS works with 35% of the global Fortune 500, as well as the world’s leading hotel chains, regional hospitality groups and payment providers. HRS is reinventing the way businesses and governments work, stay and pay in today’s dynamic global marketplace. HRS’ advanced platform technology now extends its reach beyond hospitality and is applying its technology to elevating the claims accommodation experience within the Insurance sector. HRS Group is owner-led by Tobias Ragge and operates multiple business divisions around the world.

“Our solution is critical to insurance carriers in improving customer retention and loyalty to support the growth of customer lifetime value.”

Ana Pedersen, CEO, Insurance Solutions at HRS
Amsterdam 12-13 June


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