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Humanoo: digitalising healthcare and promoting prevention via a holistic digital health platform

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Aug 1, 2023

There’s a growing need to transform the insurer-policyholder relationship from a simple provider-customer to a trusted health partnership. Especially in Health insurance, where trust plays an important role, moving from a transaction-based to a trusted partnership relation can make a big difference. Such a partnership can generate more positive touch points and increase Net Promoter Score, leading to a long-lasting relationship with clients.

Humanoo is a global health & wellbeing platform that helps shift the paradigm for insurance companies from payer to trusted health partner. They support businesses and insurers with a range of  meaningful and real-time insights. Humanoo designed their platform to take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing: their platform and services take thewhole person into account, rather than just physical or mental health needs. It looks at all aspects, such as physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing. This holistic approach resonates with a broad range of customers, catering to individual health needs at scale.

How does it work?

The Humanoo app engages with its users and helps them create healthy habits and be mindful with their overall health, both physical and mental, ultimately driving prevention and reducing costs for insurers. This solution supports insurers to transform their relationship with policyholders, to become trusted health partners and generate positive touch points, leading to improved Net Promoter Score and increased customer loyalty. Humanoo’s app has been designed as a white label solution, so that insurers can add their own branding.

The holistic health platform app is built to address the needs of various groups of people. Through 3000+ health promotion content sessions, visualized progress, various rewards and integration of unique health services offered by the insurer, the Humanoo app is capable of empowering users to build healthy habits.

The white label solution of the core app can be brought to market in three months, including the partner’s branding and it’s available in five languages. Moreover, it’s possible to integrate existing services and provide further customisation and localisations.

Why we selected Humanoo for ITC DIA Europe

Humanoo is an insurtech that successfully digitalises healthcare and focuses on digital prevention via their unique holistic health platform. Furthermore, their Humanoo app recognizes the growing need for mental health and takes into account the growing group of Gen Z entering the workforce, which comes with new demands and challenges.

At ITC DIA Europe, Maximilien A. Notter, Co-CEO of Humanoo, firstly demo’d the core app and showed how it can empower policyholders to better care for their health in a holistic manner, and how they can build sustainable health habits. He also showed how German insurer Techniker Krankenkasse uses Humanoo’s white label solution – and how it helps to position their brand and unique health services.

Who is Humanoo?

Humanoo was founded in 2016 by Philip Pogoretschnik and currently works with 750 corporate clients and 20+ leading European insurance partners. They’ve raised $15M+ in funding and their latest round was series B in 2021. Their home and core market is the DACH region, where their HQ is situated. Humanoo is active in 20+ countries and their platform is available in five languages (English, French, German, Swiss German and Italian) with more coming soon.

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