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i-surance: Innovative. Simple. Digital.

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 11, 2019

i-surance is a B2B2C insurtech company like no other. It is a European digital Insurance Platform-as-a-Service. By providing a next-generation B2B2C Insurance Platform-as-a-Service, i-surance brings the features of a digital insurance offering to a large, growing market of networks, retailers, and distributors. They offer an end-to-end customized solution, from product development and innovation through claims management and compliance to improved sales performance.

The startup is disrupting the traditional insurance market two-fold. First and foremost: their offers are transparent and valuable to the clients of their distribution partners. Secondly, they leverage emerging tech to serve the fast-paced digital world. Their philosophy? Innovative, Simple, Digital.


They develop customized products for the end customers of their distribution partners
in multiple segments, such as: Mobile Device Insurance, Car Tyre Insurance, Hearing Aid/ Eye Glasses insurance Cyber Risk Protection, Consumer Electronics Insurance Warranty Extension and Travel Insurance.

Today, they are already the market leader for mobile device insurances in Switzerland and for hearing aid insurances as well as car tire insurances in the German-speaking area. Among their clients are typically the largest players in each segment, such as mobile operators Salt and Sunrise in Switzerland (mobile device insurances), Mercedes and Delticom in Germany (car tire insurances), and KIND and Neuroth (hearing aid insurances). They are active in 15 countries.


Insurance made simple
Their mission is ‘Insurance made simple’. Their insurance programs are characterized by ‘simplicity’, ‘innovativeness’ and ‘digital’. Their ambition for the future goes beyond product insurances, driving innovation also in core insurance markets through disruptive business models.

How it works

The i-surance tailor-made complete solutions include product development, product innovation, and claims management. Through this innovative approach, they contribute to improving sales performance.

Why we selected i-surance for DIA Munich
As an insurtech company i-surance is focusing on the development of innovative offers combining insurance and related services. Today they offer one of the most powerful mobile insurance products on the market, and they are also able to serve several other segments and markets. 

Check out their live demo here:

Who is i-surance?
Founded in 2012 in Berlin by Jens Schädler, CEO and Elisa Sime.

Due to the success of their modern and disruptive business model they now boast two operations offices in the startup hubs Berlin and Barcelona and further offices in the European finance capitals Zurich, Paris and London.

i-surance is active in 15 European countries and serves 2 million end users, manage an insurance premium volume of around € 40M and aim to grow beyond € 500M in the next 5-7 years. Among their clients are the big retailers of mobile phones, electronics, glasses and cyber security. 


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