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Imburse: Connect to the global payment ecosystem via a single connection

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jun 12, 2023

Insurers often don’t have the in-house payment expertise to navigate the payments world and make the best decisions for their business. This is where Imburse can help. Imburse enables insurance carriers to quickly connect to the entire payments ecosystem at a lower cost, seamlessly integrate with existing financial infrastructure and processes, and manage multiple partners for collections and disbursements, all in one place.

Imburse’s cloud-based software-as-a-service payment solution helps insurers grow and develop propositions – particularly important when moving into new markets such as parametric insurance where pre-specified payouts are based upon trigger events. This payment software brings greater ease and efficiency to end-to-end insurance payments. It is available on a stand-alone basis or through claims, billing and CRM core systems. Via a single integration, insurers have access to a multitude of global payment methods and technologies.

How it works

Imburse helps insurers better manage their payment systems. Unified reporting, for example, gathers all payment data from various providers and compiles it into a single data set, improving visibility and enriching analytics. The rental option gives insurers access to continually evolving software, rather than paying for in-house upgrades and teams. Finally, the solution ensures insurers comply with PSD2/global Open Banking regulations. Orchestrating payments is easy:

1. Marketplace
2. No-code rules to orchestrate payments
3. Payment

Why did we choose Imburse for ITC DIA Europe 2023?

Oliver Werneyer, CEO at Imburse, will take the stage at ITC DIA Europe to discuss how its payment middleware technology can aid carriers and distributors alike in improving premium collection for intermediated business, unlocking value and efficiencies for the distributed model.

Its payment platform offers various insurer benefits in one solution.

  • Send multiple instructions through a single integration (and in doing so reduce IT development and maintenance costs
  • Reduce time to market for new payment capabilities and products
  • Offer any payment method, automate payment processes and maximise payment options to suit business and clients’ needs
  • Offer unified reporting and payment analytics

Who is Imburse?

Imburse, a Duck Creek Technologies company, is a payments platform built for insurers to connect to the global payments ecosystem via a single connection.

Since launching in 2018, the growth in popularity of the software, particularly over the past 12 months, is a testament to the teamwork of founders: Oliver Werneyer, Carl Strempel, David Turner and Mark Jerome. Each had complementary skill sets covering engineering tech, insurance, product development, people management and accounting, yet collectively they worked tirelessly to research and test their proposition until they were confident their solution was ready to launch.

Imburse has solved payment integration issues for clients such as Generali, Zurich and Swiss Re.

Imburse is a partner of insurance tech platform providers Guidewire, msg, Sapiens and RightIndem, and supports system integrators Accenture, Baringa and Bearing Point. In January, Imburse was acquired by US-based Duck Creek Technologies.

“Future-proofing is not aligning a business to one technology and one solution, but being on top of how companies connect to us and how we connect payments.”

Oliver Werneyer – CEO, Imburse 
Amsterdam 12-13 June


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