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Imburse: simplifying access to the global payments ecosystem

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 24, 2022

One connection for global payments 

Through one single connection, Imburse connects any organization, regardless of its existing IT infrastructure, to the entire global payments ecosystem. The innovative marketplace of Imburse provides simple access to all payment providers and technologies around the globe, making it easy, fast and inexpensive to deploy new technologies, for both collections and pay-outs.  

Reliance on traditional IT systems makes multiple integrations to payment providers a very complex, expensive and long process for insurers. Furthermore, insurers often don’t have the in-house payment expertise to navigate the payments world and make the best decisions for their business. This is where Imburse can help.  

In a world where consumers’ payment preferences and technologies are ever-evolving, Imburse works with insurers to future-proof their payment requirements, providing both the integration component and the necessary payment expertise. Imburse does all the heavy lifting, allowing clients to rapidly deploy any change or addition to their payments needs 

How it works 

Imburse provides easy connectivity to the payments world for both collections and pay-outs. This is a key factor for insurers, as customers payment preferences are frequently changing and insurers need to change providers or add new ones to meet their clients’ demands. In the past, insurers were often stuck to traditional pay-out methods. However, today’s consumer requires speed and convenience, propelling the rise of alternative payment methods, digital wallets or even real-time payments.  

Why we selected Imburse for DIA Amsterdam

Imburse provides access to any payment provider and technology around the globe, enabling insurers to give customers what they want, whilst also optimizing their internal payment operations and finance functions.

The Imburse solution taps into digital transformation and the need to meet and exceed customers’ ever-changing needs, specifically when it comes to payments.

Imburse works with renowned global insurers like Swiss Re, iptiQ and Generali. The Imburse platform is constantly evolving as Imburse adds new pre-integrated providers and payment capabilities.

Imburse has won several awards, most recently a prime placement in the Top 100 Swiss Startup Award 2021; Imburse was also nominated by The Startup Pill as one of the best Switzerland-based Fintech companies. In a previous DIA edition, Imburse won the DIAmond Award for their MicroSavings solution, developed by Imburse and HITS. 

What will be presented at DIA Amsterdam?

At DIA Amsterdam, Oliver Werneyer, co-founder and CEO of Imburse, will present the Imburse marketplace, how it works and how easy it is to connect to payment providers and technologies through Imburse.

Imburse will also showcase the payments capabilities and features, which include unified reporting, notifications, hosted pages and a Web component. Imburse’s capabilities enable insurers to, not only deliver great payment experiences to their customers, but also streamline customer journeys and optimize internal finance processes.

About Imburse

Imburse was founded in 2018 by Oliver Werneyer (CEO), Carl Strempel (CFO), David Scott Turner (CTO) and Mark Jerome (Head Developer). Imburse’s founders all have extensive experience working in insurance, innovation and technology. The company is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, with offices in Lisbon and London.

Imburse operates in all major European markets. Imburse partners with companies such as Microsoft, Guidewire, EY and Accenture to take the product to market and to make it as easy as possible for insurers to access.

Imburse has recently raised its Series A funding round with renowned investors with the likes of DST, Addition, Lakestar and Guidewire.

“Imburse’s mission is to simplify the access to and deployment of payment technologies and providers. Insurers are under immense pressure to better engage their customers and deliver operational efficiencies. At Imburse we deliver the tools for insurers to achieve both.”

Oliver Werneyer, CEO of Imburse

For more information about Imburse, click here!

Founders of Imburse. Left to right: David Scott Turner, CFO; Mark Jerome, Head Developer; Oliver Werneyer, CEO; Carl Strempel, CFO

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