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Inari: A Comprehensive platform for Quotation through to Portfolio Management.

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jul 11, 2018

Barcelona based Inari is a cutting-edge cloud-based platform for the B2B P&C market with blockchain at its core. Built from the ground up to create ever-growing efficiencies for Operations teams and Intermediaries (MGAs, Syndicates), Inari bridges the silos by enabling a single point of contact for stakeholders using their existing legacy and 3rd party systems. Providing 360° policy cycle management with performance-enhancing A.I., Inari is a highly interactive, intuitive solution that’s available anywhere via secure SaaS.

Today’s insurance policy cycle is the same as yesterday’s: Operations teams using one system, and Intermediaries another. The journey from Quote to Portfolio Management is long, laborious, and blurred causing performance management and client relations to suffer. Inari drastically cuts down cycle times and improves the reliability of processes and transactions.
From day 1, policies on Inari’s Distributed Ledger are immutable, so there’s only one source of truth, maximizing transparency and eliminating duplication. Automatic Governance Enforcement helps management rest easy, knowing that all internal, external and regulatory guidelines are complied with throughout, freeing up resources. With its game-changing proprietary evaluative BPM, teams operate with real-time contextual analytics, A.I. and Machine learning capabilities that leverage internal and external data, helping them make quicker and better performance and risk-based decisions, and improving pricing accuracy, and reserve management.

In the past, the Insurance industry has had to worry about technological systems that can be cost prohibitive, not industry focused, and often cause data continuity issues. Inari addresses these concerns by working with Insurers to build a solution that can utilize existing legacy systems, reducing the risk of downtime, allowing teams to continue seamlessly with performance enhancing tools.

Inari is finalizing the development of its first iteration and is in discussion with clients in the London market, the US and Latin America. The promising startup has just been selected by the Catalan government to represent Cataluña at RISE Hong Kong 2018 as one of its 10 most innovative start-ups.

How it works

Inari connects all sections of the policy cycle: Improving their productivity, performance, transparency under a sleek, user-friendly, intuitive design.

Why we selected Inari for DIA Amsterdam
Inari’s platform offers a game-changing improvement in Operations efficacy for insurers and their intermediaries. Transforming the policy lifecycle is the most significant opportunity in the corporate insurance space.  Their use of blockchain eliminates much of the guesswork in policy management, and their added performance enhancing AI, and use of contextual data, has the potential to bring real productivity gains to a static area of industry.

Who is Inari?
Inari was co-founded in late 2017 by Frank Perkins and three other Insurance veterans.  Today, INARI is an international team of experienced Insurance and IT professionals, designers, and developers. Inari is privately funded and be soon opening an additional funding round.

“The global insurance industry is valued at over EUR 3.6 trillion, approximately 9% of global GDP. Any improvement of efficiency in the policy life cycle has knock-on effects for the global economy. Knowing this inspires us, insure-geeks, to build a platform that will do just that: Inari.” Frank Perkins, CEO & co-founder Inari

Frank Perkins CEO & co-founder Inari

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