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Inari: Modern core technology infrastructure to increase operational efficiency and streamline connectivity

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 6, 2023

Expert underwriting is all about efficient, data-driven work processes – and a risk management platform that supports this: easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate with legacy systems, as well as third party services.

Inari provides modern core technology infrastructure, that enables insurers and re-insurers to increase operational efficiency, improve data-insights, and streamline connectivity across multiple systems. They combine years of deep (re)insurance industry experience with modern tech practices to provide their clients with an easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate risk management platform for all lines of business.

How it works

Inari offers three types of products:

  1. MATSURI : Data ingestion platform
  1. KITSUNE: Policy administration system and MGA underwriter workbench
  1. SAIHOKEN: Heavyweight inwards reinsurance platform

Their platforms automate repetitive tasks such as pre and post bind, are easy to navigate, work with legacy systems and they track every single change that has ever been made.

Their ingestion platform MATSURI processes and cleans data. As a result, MATSURI saves precious time for insurers doing bordereaux processing, which is the act of sending reports over to reinsurers, listing actual claims paid or the assets covered.

MATSURI automates the process and fixes broken data, ingests large amounts of data, is compliant with regulations and ensures that data conforms to the company’s reporting format. As a result, bordereaux-processing, an error-prone manual process, is transformed into a straightforward, reliable and easy workflow.

KITSUNE helps its users better manage their MGA underwriting activities, from submissions to post bind. KITSUNE is automated and transparent in interconnectivity with different data sources, allowing users to process business faster and more accurately.

SAIHOKEN utilises advanced attachment and calculation engines to create, configure and underwrite outwards reinsurance contracts in an efficient and speedy manner.

Why did we select Inari for ITC DIA Europe

Inari helps its clients by automating those manual tasks from pre-bind to post-bind and their technology allows for seamless integration with various data sources and legacy systems. Moreover, their Distributed Ledger Technology tracks every change and data evolution within its platforms, which enhances transparency and security.

At ITC DIA Europe, Oliver Fox, Account Executive, and Mayssam El-Kaii, Business Analyst Manager, presented a demo of their data ingestion platform, MATSURI. In this demo they showcased how insurers can be more efficient by automating tasks like data mapping and checking against binder parameters, which saves time and costs.

Who is Inari?

Inari was founded in Barcelona 2017 by a group of experienced reinsurance industry professionals. Their team consists of international experts in insurance and IT. They work with clients all over the world including MGAs, Insurance Carriers, Lloyd’s Syndicates and Reinsurance companies in Europe, US and Asia. Just recently they raised 5.2 million USD in funding as part of their Seed round led by Caixa Capital Risc, through Criteria Venture Tech.

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