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Infermedica Medical Guidance Platform: Improves Member Experience through AI-enabled Technology

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 7, 2023

“Classic” processes for patient triage and symptom analysis are often still based on tree-based models. Infermedica takes these processes to the next level by incorporating AI-powered dynamic interviews and calculating probabilities to provide a multidimensional assessment of the user’s health. The digital health company specializes in AI-powered solutions for early symptom analysis, patient intake, and triage. Solutions developed by Infermedica are clinically validated and meticulously tested in order to provide quality advice and ensure patient safety.

Large Language Models like ChatGPT show great promise in tasks related to natural and expressive communication, but Infermedica sees the importance of understanding the limitations of such technology in healthcare in order to achieve safe and effective results. Infermedica intends to navigate this space with care, drawing on its existing expertise in delivering AI-powered solutions to over 100 companies, while sharing their learnings transparently along the way.

Infermedica has been active for over 10 years, with more than 100 companies using Infermedica’s technologies in 30 countries, and over 13 million health checkups having been performed to date. Infermedica’s solutions have proven results, helping increase efficiency:

  • 50% of Emergency Department visits were redirected to lower-cost settings
  • 106% increase in self-care recommendation
  • 37.5% reduction in the average visit time
  • 39% increase in operational efficiency

How it works

Infermedica’s mission is to make healthcare accessible, convenient, and affordable for everyone worldwide, by automating primary care, from symptom to outcome. Its Medical Guidance Platform helps insurers navigate patients to the appropriate level of care, propose in-network services, and leverage the data they collect to understand the patient’s needs, optimize internal processes, and increase efficiency. The platform combines the power of AI with an extensive medical knowledge base, carefully curated by a team of over 60 doctors, who have invested over 77,000 work hours creating and updating this knowledge base. The Medical Guidance Platform utilizes AI-powered technology that’s validated by physicians. Its Inference Engine accuracy is 95%.

Why did we choose Infermedica for ITC DIA Europe 2023?

Pau Rué, VP of Artificial Intelligence at Infermedica, will take the stage at ITC DIA Europe 2023 to present trends for future healthcare, including AI, ML, and LLM chatbots and the potential for their use in digital healthcare. This includes the limitations, ways to achieve safe and effective results, and how to combine the strengths of different AI technologies in ways that can also mitigate their potential weaknesses.

Pau will also present a demo of Infermedica’s AI-powered Medical Guidance Platform including its most recent updates, highlighting the value it can bring to healthcare insurers.

About Infermedica

Infermedica was founded in 2012 by Piotr Orzechowski, CEO, Roberto Sicconi, CSO and Dr. Irving Loh, CMO. Infermedica develops its solutions to support insurance companies, healthcare providers, and telemedicine companies in EMEA, US, and DACH regions, to provide better patient outcomes and experiences, reduce provider burnout and optimize care processes.  Infermedica is trusted by healthcare insurers around the world, including Allianz Partners, Gothaer, and Dôvera.

Infermedica was selected for CB Insights’ Digital Health 150 in 2022. Also in 2022, Infermedica secured series B funding of $30M. Infermedica is present across the globe with a key focus on the USA, EMEA, and DACH markets with over 100 companies using their solutions.

“Infermedica was founded with the goal of transforming healthcare outcomes by making primary care accessible to all, and throughout 2022 we’ve made significant progress towards achieving that goal.”

Piotr Orzechowski, founder and CEO of Infermedica
Infermedica Team celebrating its 10-year anniversary
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