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Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 13, 2016

The successful Intrasurance Group offers innovative solutions for every step in the value chain of online financial services: communication, technology, product development to service delivery. The company’s solutions are primarily focused on digitizing insurance processes in order to facilitate customer self-service.

Intrasurance solutions enable consumers to take out new policies, modify existing policies and notify new claims and track the status of open claims online. Intrasurance also offers Software as a Service (SaaS) to insurers who are looking to move beyond simply digitizing their business and who want to increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The group has three business units and they support a broad range of clients; from online startups, new market entrants such as affinity groups or retailers, to existing insurance companies looking to introduce online capabilities to their customers and also consumers through their own insurance company, ( The software provider of the group (Intrasurance Technology Services) is named in CIOReview’s global list of 20 most promising Insurance Technology Solution providers of 2015.

Digitizing insurance processes
In order to facilitate customer self-service insurers need an online, customer-centric approach that also helps them lower operational costs and face competitive challenges. They need easy-to-implement solutions that help them connect their customers, reduce unnecessary IT costs and drive huge efficiency gains. Intrasurance clients can outsource policy and claims administration activities to their customers. The company focuses on the integration of contract, customer & financial data streams and supports a customer-driven fully automated policy life cycle, from purchasing an insurance to terminating it. Real-time processes throughout the SaaS solution ensure a high degree of straight through processing. The platform is based on Microsoft Technology and developed in such a way that front and back offices seamlessly integrate with each other, 24/7 in the cloud. 

New and customer friendly approach
All Intrasurance communication is through email. Invoices, policy pages, green cards, adjustments to policies etc. On average, 60% of a broker company’s time is spent on administrative tasks. With the Intrasurance application, that’s reduced to a maximum of 20%., offers a new and very customer friendly approach; insurances can be terminated at any time and excess premiums will be transferred back within a week. Claims are rewarded within 24 hours. Customers can manage their own digital file: with all the information about insurance policies, premiums, claims and e-mail correspondence. To make it easier, and deal with the most common problem, the “forgotten password” Intrasurance uses Dappre, an application based on the QiY principles. By using Dappre, every change is immediately updated in the ‘my environment’. The customer who uses the Dappre app can easily scan a QR code on the website to get a completely and secure access to its digital file.

Why we selected Intrasurance for DIA Barcelona
Intrasurance accelerates change in the insurance sector by simplifying and automating online insurance processes by a customer centric approach. Their solutions reduce unnecessary IT costs and drive huge efficiency gains. But they also boost online transactions, reduce time to market of new business propositions and help customers take control of the insurance administration processes.

Who is Intrasurance
Founded in 2002, by Frank Cooler and Henk Wiggers. They both strongly believed in a whole new way of insuring: online. Where the customer can decide what insurance he wants, whenever he wants it. Simple and transparent. Where people manage their files online. They started with 2 employees, now they have over a hundred. Frank Cooler, is a experienced industry professional with a strong understanding of transaction technology; modernization of the insurance core; consumerism of IT; business intelligence and risk, as well as reducing complexity in processes and products.

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Contact info Fred Slikker, Director, Realises Growth, +31 6 15 943 595, [email protected]


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