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Jane: It’s time to take care of the people you love, by having less to worry about

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 28, 2021

The silver tsunami is real: an unprecedented number of elderly are in need of care. The number of people over 75 in the EU is expected to double by 2050; accounting for 17% of the population. Needless to say: long-term care is expected to skyrocket, increasing 80% between 2015 and 2060.

Evidently, the aging population comes with more health issues. People live longer and spend more years in relative health. Public and private health care financing schemes will have difficulty coping with the increasing costs of the silver revolution, which is just barely off the starting blocks.

As an Ambient Assisted Living company (AAL) and insurtech partner, Jane can help insurers develop value-added risk-prevention services and meet new customer expectations. In this way, insurers can act both as a partner and a preventer, while continuing to cover potential loss. Insurance companies can step up to address some of the challenges healthcare and the silver generation face, and gain customer-centricity in an increasingly competitive market of commodity products.

Elderly care deserves an upgrade

Digitization is progressing at record speed. The combination of sensors and data is creating unprecedented opportunities: everything is now “smart”; in fact, why would one in 2021 still invest in an elderly care system that is not connected and learning? (As, a lot of Personal Alarm System (PAS) still do today).

Jane is a smart living technology for homes and care facilities. They ensure that seniors and others in need of care can live independently for as long as possible whilst giving their loved ones and caregivers more ease of mind. They do this through a unique combination of smart monitoring and usage of health data for seniors in their own private homes, or in shared or elderly homes.

The interplay of alarm button, motion sensors and artificial intelligence make Jane a unique solution. Caregivers or seniors can compose specific care environments, choose in which situation they want to send or receive notifications, and determine to whom and how these notifications are sent.

Jane is a modular and scalable system. One can add or remove easily buttons or sensors. Jane’s smart home technology is using proved and easy to install technology, since normal internet infrastructure suffices.

Use cases show the opportunities for preventive care as well. A documented case of increase frequency in toilet visits with a seemingly healthy individual, triggered medical staff to test for diabetes. The use options seem almost unlimited. By strategically installing sensors, one can monitor medicine usage, or even use the fall and wander detection functionally.

So, the less you have to worry about, the more time you have for each other. And from insurers perspective, the more stable the number of pay-outs stays.

The opportunity and advantages for the insurers business model, convinced Portuguese insurer Fidelidade to start exploring the possibilities with Jane. Together, they are now in the final stage before commercialization.

How it works

Jane is the next generation technology for the previous generation. Jane is a smart care solution based on alarm buttons, care parameters, care circles and behavior and pattern recognition.

Their sensors only detect motion and temperature. They do not have a camera and therefore cannot take pictures or record audio. The behavior and wellbeing are perfectly monitored without infringing on the privacy, while enjoying life in complete safety.

Jane can be easily linked to other systems via a standard open API, providing an integrated, future-proof for sustainable elderly care.

Jane includes three types of warning:

  • Button: with help of the alarm button, the senior can immediately sound the alarm. The care circle is informed via push notifications, telephone or text message.
  • Custom rules (if-this-then-that): Receive an alert as soon as certain conditions are met; for example, if there was still no movement in the kitchen by 10 am.
  • Smart alerts: Jane learns and recognizes the senior’s typical behavioral patterns. A warning is sent in case of abnormal situations.

Thanks to the Jane app, you know at any time how the senior is doing. In addition, historical data is stored so you can recognize patterns of behavior yourself. You can also create a specific care circle where you can add family and friends of the senior, professional caregivers and centra.

Why we selected Jane for DIA Amsterdam

Jane opens a world to revolutionize the role of insurers; from protector to preventer. Using proven technology and shape it as such that no adjustment or adaptation of the elderly habits is needed; offering a peace-of-mind to the care circle, and helping insurers to keep expenditures under control.

At DIA Amsterdam 2022, Jane’s vision and solution will be presented by Christophe Moortgat, CEO of Jane. Christophe will speak about how Jane makes impact on the market of elderly care, hence the care model – included in our society – and the value-offering and business model of insurers.

Can’t wait to meet Jane at DIA Amsterdam 2022? Check out their website here or download their Report here.

“At Jane, we strongly believe everyone deserves to remain in their own peace-of-mind for as long as possible, with the best of care. Relocation should only be considered when care at home is no longer an option. We call that model satellite care. The goal is to make sure that technology can contribute towards mankind, artificial intelligence included.”

Christophe Moortgat – CEO, Jane

Amsterdam 12-13 June


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