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Iversity: the active and social learning experience

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 29, 2016

Forget on-site seminars and video archives. Modern e-learning is active and social. Learners learn by working on assignments together and exchanging ideas about course content with each other. Iversity teaches companies and their employees about the Digital Transformation: with digital topics like the Internet of Things, Big Data and what they mean for businesses. Learning at Iversity is active and social: On the Iversity platform, you’re not a consumer of content, but an active co-creator of knowledge. Through the ‘Learning Journals’ feature, that is comparable to a small personal blog, learners can post their learning results, homework assignments and other thoughts – and fellow users can comment, share and evaluate. Think of it like a Facebook feed of learning. Through this, Iversity adds a strong social dimension to learning and builds virtual learning communities about business-related subjects. German railroad operator Deutsche Bahn is one of Iversity’s clients; a huge organisation with more than 300,000 employees worldwide. What they need is a scalable solution to train their staff. And that is why they use the Iversity plaform. So far, Deutsche Bahn is still a forerunner, but we see a very strong growth in demand among corporates for new ways of traing and learning. This is understandable, because after all, they need to be quick: digital transformation is happening here and now, and it poses a challenge to any organisation in the world. If companies fail to address that change and get their employees on board, they are doomed to fail. This applies to the insurance sector as well.

Expert content
Iversity works with both unIversity and industry experts. The company hires the most knowledgeable instructors it can get. VODW is such an industry expert – a customer strategy consultancy firm that helps large financial institutions to adapt to the rapidly changing digital, customer centric and fact based world around us. Together with VODW Iversity developed the PRO course ‘Predictive analytics in commerce’, especially geared toward professional training. Students will not only learn predictive techniques to increase customer acquisition, cross-sell and retention, but also discover how their organization can become more data-driven by convincing stakeholders, applying models in practice and measuring results properly.

Virtual campus
One of the launching customers for the virtual campus is NN Group, the international insurer. In the previous years, assisted by VODW, they developed an extensive education program to build the customer intelligence capability of their analytical teams worldwide. This has been realized in six full week modules where all analysts physically came together, which also shaped a strong community. Their latest step forward is the virtual campus of Iversity that is developed in close cooperation with VODW. In this virtual campus both existing and new employees have access to all relevant courses and can extend inspiration and knowledge sharing.

Why we selected Iversity for DIA Barcelona
Continuous employee development is essential given all the challenges in the field of insurance, like digital transformation, customer experience and the maturity of big data. This need is further strengthened by a more flexible workforce. Iversity answers to this challenge by providing a learning platform that delivers the digital knowledge that companies need, based on a Software-as-a-Service model. This makes corporate education scalable, cost-efficient and highly available: People can learn anytime and anywhere it suits them best.

Who is Iversity
The company was founded by Hannes Klöpper, with the original intention to provide a learning management system for academic purposes. In 2013, Iversity became the first European MOOC platform (Massive Open Online Courses). It turned out that the real demand lies rather in the context of life-long learners and working professionals: People who need to constantly update their knowledge and skills in order to stay up to date on recent developments in their fields.

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