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iXensor: providing the future vision of mobile health solution

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 16, 2018

iXensor is a seamless in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) test provider from Taiwan, dedicated to making quality healthcare accessible and timely. iXensor’s core technology is turning the cameras of mobile devices into accurate optical readers, leveraging existing optical strip technologies. PixoTest® platform includes the ability to measure and track glucose, lipids, HbA1c and a variety of other biomarkers through a single smartphone for a seamless and integrated approach to personal and community healthcare.

The leading mobile health provider is devoted to developing more chronic diseases related biomarkers, providing a convenient and accurate mobile health solution for communities, pharmacies and clinics. Reducing healthcare cost is important for nowadays healthcare system stakeholders. For monitoring chronic disease, regular blood check becomes a necessary burden and cost for insurance companies. PixoTest POCT, a handheld smartphone-based POCT device, can finish one test item in less than 5 minutes and with half the cost comparing with lab blood testing. By using the IVD test healthcare providers and insurance companies can save time and money. The test received an CE mark and is available in EU market.

The outstanding clinical results with PixoTest technology turned experts and professionals on. iXensor has 3 products available on the market; PixoTest® Blood Glucose Monitoring System PixoTest® POCT System (Tests: HbA1c, Lipid Panel) & the Eveline Smart Fertility System.  
The company received several international awards, including 2014 MEDICA eHealth Innovation Award, 2017 Digital Health Award, 2017 Japan Good Design, 2018 CES Best BabyTech Award.

iXensor cooperated with Taiwan’s biggest insurance company, 6 million insured, with the PixoTest Blood Glucose Monitoring System.

How it works
The patented technology turns mobile devices’ imaging sensors into accurate optical readers, which makes analysis done in seconds and synchronized seamlessly to the cloud.

The PixoTest technology utilizes the lighting and image sensing module of the mobile device to detect the color change reaction on the biochemical test strip (US patent grated.) With the control on light sources with multiple wavelengths from the screen light module of the mobile device, the PixoTest technology can be applied on different biomarker measurements.

The world first smart-phone based POCT system
iXensor innovatively integrate HbA1c and Lipid panel measurement at one mobile device. The innovation is the world first smartphone based POCT system, and it can synchronize the measurement data to server immediately

iXensor PixoTest POCT System combines enzymatic methodology and reflectance photometry to measure HbA1c and Lipids. A professional health care provider will help patient/insured to get capillary blood, then a blood sample is applied to PixoTest A1c/Lipids Test Strip, and a reaction occurs to produce a color that is read by using reflectance photometry of the reagent area. The level of color produced is proportional to the concentration. After analyzing, the reading can be shown in 5 minutes.

Why we selected iXensor for DIA Amsterdam
Connected devices and advanced algorithms are already improving patient care while simultaneously decreasing costs. The tools of iXensor are transforming the way in which people access the healthcare system, bringing huge benefits for insurance companies and the user. The use of iXensor makes it possible to drastically decrease the costs of healthcare. While making the process sufficient and convenient does great benefits to people suffering from a disease.

At DIA Amsterdam iXensor will showcase the PixoTest POCT, a handheld smartphone-based POCT device. It can synchronize the measurement data to server immediately.

Who is iXensor?
iXensor is founded in 2012 in Silicon Valley by Dr. Alan Tsai, CEO, Dr. Carson Chen, CTO & Dr. Jerry Chen, CMO. The 3 cofounders are visiting scholars in Stanford University. Now iXensor is operated in Taipei, Taiwan. The startup raised 15 million USD from Taiwan, Asia and Silicon Valley. iXensor received ISO 13485 and GMP.

Background of iXensor co-founders:

  • Dr. Alan Tsai, CEO, is a chemistry PhD in NCHU with 15+ years of IVD industry.
  • Dr. Carson Chen, CTO, is a EE PhD in NTU with 3 startups experience. He is also postdoc in Caltech and visiting scholar in MIT.
  • Dr. Jerry Chen, CMO, is a MD in KMU and BME PhD in NCKU. He is a urologist and now still act as director in Taiwan Taichung China Medical University Hospital.

 “De-centralization in healthcare surrounding is a global trend. iXensor is devoted to providing data-driven healthcare with instant in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests and seamless data synchronization. And we believe our solution is the best one which fulfills nowadays healthcare needs in IVD tests. Nowadays IVD test usually takes several days and need venous blood drawing. iXensor’s Pixotest solution provided a test which only need capillary blood and measurement can be done in minutes.” Dr. Alan Tsai, CEO and co-founder of iXensor.


Presenter: Gabriel Pintsun Chao

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