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Karlsson: digital, lifestyle based health insurance

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 31, 2017

Munich based Karlsson is a digital health insurance startup which provides digital, convenient lifestyle based insurance sold directly to the customer. With their solution and insurance offer, they help everyone to easily find supplementary health insurance tailored to their individual personality and circumstances. At the moment, they are in a soft-launch phase where they have time to test and improve. They have already validated their methods, now they are dealing with the subtleties. They will launch in 2018. Karlsson starts out in Germany, but it is their vision to make health insurance about prevention globally. Insurance is at the right spot between the professional health industry and those customers who are ready to benefit from digital health

They have three main value propositions to their vision to make health insurance about prevention rather than only about reaction:

·      Personality test to offer the exact type of insurance people need
Karlsson uses AI to match people’s personality profiles with their risk relationship and their health insurance preferences to offer them exactly the type of insurance that makes sense for their lifestyle. They’re doing a personality test with their customers, so they can offer them the right insurance solution for their character types. There is a big difference in subjective perception of risk, depending on whether we are extroverted or introverted, and whether we choose thinking or feeling, to name only two aspects. So far, supplementary insurances are only sold as off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all. Karlsson will help the user find the perfect insurance protection for free! They also build new health insurance products to fit the exact personality profiles. Thus, Karlsson becomes the Health Insurance for the Digital Customer. 

·      Explaining health insurance
Karlsson explains health insurance so that John & Jane Doe finally understand it, taking away the pain this topic gives millions of people. They put an end to information overflow when googling the options people have in health insurance. Karlsson explains health insurance with clear and simple videos and bullet-points, giving each customer a unique explanation based on their personality.  

·      Health hub
Karlsson is a health hub. Connecting health insurance with digital health services offering Karlsson’s customers the ability to understand their behavior’s effect on their health and directly profit from improving it. Most importantly they aggregate their individually collected fitness, nutrition & health data to one health score, based on which people get immediate rewards: Free gym memberships, healthy food goodybags, offers to support a good cause of their choosing with the money they save through their healthy lifestyle and many more.

Why we selected Karlsson for DIA Munich?
Karlsson is making something that is ordinarily unpleasant be more engaging and palatable through the use of digital technology. Karlsson exemplifies the process of integrating technology with a tech-enabled operating model to win the loyalty of digital customers.


Who is Karlsson?
The founder duo consists of Nikolas Noetzel (25) and Julian von Fischer (25). For six years, they have successfully jointly developed projects and studied business administration at the University of St. Gallen. Originally, they come from very contrasting regions of Germany, Kiel and Regensburg, which makes the cooperation very diverse.

Karlsson participated in the Insurtech Accelerator program powered by WERK1, a leading digital incubator in Munich. Their vision is to help startups to grow their idea into scalable business. It was the right program for them to successfully complete their problem-solving validation and to benefit from the mentor start-up relationship. In addition, they cover the technical component very well in the UnternehmerTUM Xpreneurs program

Nikolas Noetzel & Julian von Fischer, Co-Founders Karlsson

Presenter 1: Julian von Fischer
Presenter 2: Nikolas Noetzel

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