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KASKO: Helping insurers to act like an insurtech startup

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jun 9, 2017

London based Kasko is the first digital insurance platform for on-demand insurance products to enable insurance companies and brokers to quickly bring to market new on-demand insurance products. Kasko allows digital marketplaces and booking platforms to offer their customers contextually relevant insurance products via plugin or API. They relieve their clients from the regulatory and technological burdens associated with integrating directly within insurance companies. KASKO provides insurance solutions within the spaces of car, property, freelance, travel & events.

By doing this Kasko helps innovative insurance companies to shape the future of insurance. By offering an API-powered agile insurance product platform that sits in between digital customer touchpoints and their customers legacy IT. They take the internal IT off the critical path to product launch.

Cross-selling platform for contextually relevant insurance products for digital marketplaces via plugin or api

How they do it?
Kasko started with a white piece of paper and focused on what the customer sees and distribution partners need. Then, they stripped down the complications in insurance to the very core and injected technology solutions. Then they let their insurance partners choose what they need. The Kasko engineering team has built an agile product platform that allows for modular product setup, integration of best-in-class third party services and easy integration into any digital customer touch point.

A whole new product within 3 weeks
In 2017 Baloise, one of the leading Swiss-based insurance groups, has moved into a new strategic phase with focus on quickly developing new products and services that excite and engage today’s modern consumers. Whilst buying insurance has never been an emotional journey for consumers, Baloise is trying to change this, by utilizing image recognition AI and creating entertaining and engaging customer journeys. As a pilot in this area, KASKO enabled Baloise to launch a new watch insurance product, which utilizes photo recognition AI, provided by, insurtech startup Snapsure. KASKO supported this project from concept design to launch and it was turned around in only three weeks – just in time for Baloise to showcase it at their annual general meeting (AGM) and Basel World, the most important watch fair in the world.

Baloise and KASKO had already launched three product-based insurances in January 2017 and were working in parallel to launch the first Swiss Cyber Insurance for end consumers. To do so, the product would have to be designed, built, tested and be fully operational in just under three weeks using technology, which has never been utilized in Europe to offer insurance before. Baloise provided input on required data fields, pricing logic and insurance documentation. However, KASKO was in charge of designing the entire customer journey including new entertaining user experience from scratch.

Why we selected Kasko for DIA Amsterdam
Kasko helps innovative insurance companies by offering an API-powered agile insurance product platform that sits in between digital customer touchpoints and their customers legacy IT. 

Who are Kasko?
Co-Founded in 2015 by Matthew Wardle. Matthew has nearly a decade of experience in software development, in startup engineering and consultancy. He’s led large development teams for Accenture and has brought a strong strategic focus and business sense to the development of KASKO. Investors are Aviva, HSBC, Seedcamp, Deutsche Bank, Aol and Simply Business

The team of Kasko is made of a rare breed of entrepreneurs, insurance specialists and technology engineers. They know what to build and more importantly what not to build. And they execute at a amazing speed.

Founder and CEO @Kasko, Matthew Wardle


Presenter: Matthew Wardle

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