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kasko2go: Innovative approach to motor portfolio optimization

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jul 19, 2023

When insurance companies have a better understanding of risk, it enables them to make more informed decisions on pricing and provide the best possible coverage for their clients. kasko2go is dedicated to revolutionizing the insurance industry by utilizing cutting-edge technology to improve the accuracy of risk assessments.

kasko2go believes that its technology will not only benefit insurance companies but will also greatly improve the overall customer experience by providing more personalized and cost-effective insurance solutions.

Traditionally, insurers use GLMs, but kasko2go’s AI model finds a more accurate curve to predict the risk. kasko2go also uses data that insurance companies usually don’t have access to. kasko2go’s AI-based model is specifically designed to improve claims frequency predictions, optimize the quoting process, increase pricing accuracy and make marketing initiatives more efficient. The product is ready to use, and already being used by insurers in 15 countries across Europe.

How it works

Why we selected kasko2go for ITC DIA Europe

kasko2go’s AI-based risk analysis helps its customers to improve portfolio performance. The adoption and implementation of technologies, data-driven approaches, and real-time risk assessment models make it an innovative solution. It involves leveraging data augmentation, statistical analysis, and machine learning to achieve more precise risk models, accurate predictions, efficient operations, and fair assessment and pricing practices.

Last year, at DIA Amsterdam 2022, kasko2go won a DIAmond award for most strategic impact. kasko2go continued to advance its unique offer since the last DIA presentation and at ITC DIA Europe 2023, they offered us updated insights, cutting-edge solutions, and a closer look into the future of motor insurance, characterized by transparency and technological innovation.

Who is kasko2go?

Established in 2017, and headquartered in Switzerland and Israel, kasko2go is an InsurTech company specializing in the risk assessment of policyholders.

Its journey began in the telematic insurance and usage-based insurance (UBI) market, where it sought to redefine the landscape with innovative solutions. In 2020, kasko2go recognized that the future of car insurance lies in accurate risk assessment, and as a result, shifted its focus to creating a cutting-edge system for this purpose. Utilizing alternative data and advanced algorithms, its team has developed a system that accurately predicts risk scores.

“At kasko2go, our objective is to transform the motor insurance domain. By capitalizing on our innovative, AI-based technology, we strive to deliver equitable, transparent, and customized insurance solutions.“

Arina Man, CEO, kasko2go
Amsterdam 12-13 June


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