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Kern AI: Helping insurers safely adopt LLMs faster by building trustworthy AI applications

Written by Jolijn Schalkwijk on Feb 12, 2024

Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGTP are rising and have massive potential to enhance insurers’ processes and customer support, but how can insurers make sure that such models know their company and their data? Kern AI accelerates insurers’ adoption of LLMs, enabling them to enhance the efficiency of their claims processing, policy management, and customer support operations, all while maintaining the strongest data privacy and adherence to industry regulations. Kern AI helps to make any LLM more reliable and trustworthy by modelling and integrating company data in a way the LLM understands.

How it works

Kern AI models underlying data sources in a mind map-like structure, so that relationships between data sources are better reflected. Kern AI also applies customizable intent AI and psychology AI to infer what the user is looking for and filter the data accordingly. Ongoing, automated data quality checks are being applied to ensure data is up-to-date and correct. Finally, it uses LLM to quote the data used in a way that’s understandable to the user and can be validated – so no more black-box answers.

Kern AI’s platforms provide a rich set of features that can be effortlessly tailored and configured to enable rapid deployment of LLM applications. These applications feature contextually aware AI assistants, automated contract and policy comparisons, as well as scalable document enrichment to support AI-driven workflows.

Kern AI’s latest product release Cognition empowers developers to create and implement customized intent-aware information retrieval pipelines.

These pipelines enhance the contextual comprehension of queries of the LLM of the insurer’s choice, resulting in more reliable and trustworthy responses. Cognition represents the next generation of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) powered applications, addressing the challenges that have been hindering the adoption of Generative AI applications.

Why did we select Kern AI for ITC DIA Europe Munich?

Kern AI helps insurance companies to scale knowledge-intensive tasks by connecting LLMs to the proprietary data with a secure and private approach. At ITC DIA Europe Munich, Johannes Hötter, CEO & Co-Founder at Kern AI presented its latest product release Cognition. Kern AI won an ITC DIAmond award at ITC DIA Europe Munich 2023!

Who is Kern AI?

Kern AI was founded in 2020 by Johannes Hötter and Henrik Wenck and is based in Bonn, Germany.

Its software is trusted by a global user base of over 10,000 developers, scientists and researchers. Leading insurance companies like Markel rely on its commercial products.

“Our work is based on very simple principles. We believe that artificial intelligence has reached a level of maturity that allows completely groundbreaking applications – but end users must be able to trust an AI.

Johannes Hötter, CEO & Co-founder
Amsterdam 12-13 June


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