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Keylane: Axon, the core platform for insurance

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Nov 1, 2018

Axon: insurance software platform supporting all core insurance processes

Keylane is a leading European supplier of modern, customer-centric, SaaS software to the insurance and pension industry. Their in-depth knowledge and expertise allow them to help clients transform the way they run their day to day technology and operations. By implementing the Keylane solutions they help companies to reduce cost, deliver new and innovative products to market fast and increase customer satisfaction.

Insurance companies have to deal with ever increasing customer expectations and disruptive newcomers that redefine the marketplace and, at the same time, keep focus on sales and profitability. The only way to differentiate in this dynamic market is to anticipate and adapt to shifting circumstances quickly, offer high quality services and keep up with technology development. With Axon, the new end-to-end standard solution for non-life insurance, Keylane helps insurers to improve their digital capabilities, accelerate the time to market and adapt to market requirements quickly.  With guaranteed service quality for predictable costs.


Keylane offers 2 open platforms, one for the insurance and one pension industry to which third party tools can be easily integrated by a Keylane custom controls that give insurance companies the freedom to integrate external services, apps and data sources to create a superior customer experience. Both platforms offer state of the art digital capabilities and are offered in a SaaS model. They have a successful implementation project track-record and are able to guarantee their clients successful project completion upfront.

At Keylane they believe that adaptive and connected platforms are key to be successful in the rapidly changing environment of today.

How it works

Keylane’s core platforms are able to integrate (third party) components (services, apps, data sources) in the configurable dialogues to improve the user interaction, building an integrated customer journey.

Why we selected Keylane for DIA Munich
Thinking digitally is part of Keylane’s DNA. With Keylane’s core platform Axon, insurance companies can be part of an eco-system since their core is flexible and open to integrate with third parties. The core platform itself helps insurance companies to create a strong digital foundation that can help them stay abreast of changing market needs with fully digitalized processes and at lower costs.

At DIA Munich Keylane will feature their partner ControlExpert. They will show and tell about the improvements of a standard claim dialogues for a car: very intuitive, user friendly and time saving for both customer and claim handler. The way to handle a car claim; completely online, in real time in just 5 minutes.

Who is Keylane?
With over 825 employees Keylane if one of the leading European software providers to the insurance and pension industry, serving over 100 customers in 9 countries. Keylane has offices in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and The Netherlands.

Keylane started operations in 2012. By then private equity holder Waterland acquired a majority stake in Actuera, a software provider for the pension sector. In 2014 they added Quinity for non-life insurance software, LeanApps for life insurance software and Artena for pension communication and planning, to the portfolio. This was augmented by the acquisition of the Swedish software provider Mantacore and the takeover of GENEVA-ID, a German supplier of software for the insurance industry. The three core businesses acquired – Actuera, Quinity and LeanApps – have company histories that go back much further than Keylane and its founding date of 2012.


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