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Keylane: Insurance and pension software that matters

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 18, 2016

The insurance and pension industry is rapidly changing. Keylane provides SaaS-based software solutions that help insurers and pension institutions to succeed in their day-to-day operations and quickly adapt to market changes. Thinking digitally is part of Keylane’s DNA. Keylane’s state-of-the-art technology platform supports core processes such as policy administration, sales and distribution, and underwriting, and enables companies to excel in operational performance as well as customer service. Over 100 non-life, life and pension companies have gained measurable results from implementations of Keylane’s solutions, such as cost reduction, a shortened time to market and increased customer satisfaction.

Insurance companies need to focus more and more on making available online the distribution and policy processing activities that have resulted from the digital revolution. Think of aggregators, focus group portals, apps, predictive analytics, claims registration via social media etc. Consumers of all online service offerings look for intuitive navigation, comprehensive and accurate information, and interactive online support. Customers demand the ability to choose their preferred service channel depending on time and location. In the past it was common for companies to use multiple applications for these different channels. This approach is complicated, costly and prone to operational risks. The Keylane solutions have an integrated front, mid and back office so any information added by any user is always consistent and available across all channels. These features optimally support omnichannel operations and ensure consistent, customer-centric communication.

The Keylane solutions enable a drive for greater efficiency. Keylane offers applications out-of-the-box in areas that have been traditionally associated with complex and expensive development overheads, both in terms of initial build and ongoing support. Examples include customer portals, digital policy management, online payment processing and mobile device support. Replacing complex legacy systems with the packaged Keylane software pays off. Business cases at companies we have worked with show that the costs of replacement are recovered in two to five years. IT costs may then be cut by as much as 50%. Keylane has a strong position in the European software market for life insurance, non-life insurance and pension solutions, and is growing fast. The Keylane solutions offer a full set of core functionality that clients of Keylane have rated highly for usability.

Professional Implementation
Keylane offers professional support in implementing the software.  Implementation can be phased, minimising impact to a company’s existing organisation; or there can be a single deliverable, reducing timescales and costs. To take away the hassle insurers and pension institutes might have with hosting in their environment, Keylane offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery option. This means that the application runs in a secure environment at Keylane and the insurer no longer has to worry about the functional and technical management of the application. Keylane is not only an expert in developing these solutions, but also in implementing them. The company has a strong track record of success with implementations, data migrations and upgrades.

Why we selected Keylane for DIA Barcelona
Keylane’s solutions already have many satisfied users in over a hundred well-known insurers and pension institutions. These companies have achieved a range of benefits from adopting Keylane solutions including cost reduction, shorter time-to-market and increased customer satisfaction. The user-friendly multi-channel portals integrated with flexible administration systems enable insurers to boost customer experience as well as excel in operational efficiency. Achieving cost savings of more than 50% on IT budget is phenomenal – something most insurance carriers are dreaming of.

Who is Keylane
Keylane is the market leader in the Benelux for flexible SaaS based solutions that underpin the core processes of life and non-life insurers and pension institutions. With continued expansion and offices in also Germany, the Nordics and the United Kingdom Keylane’s ambition is to become the number one provider in Europe.  

Presenting at DIA Barcelona
Floris van Tol, Sales Manager
Floris van der Kolck, Sales Director Keylane Benelux

Contact info
Business Development/Sales: 
Floris van Tol, Sales Manager, +31 88 404 5000, [email protected]
Press/Media: Kim Leemreize, Marketing Manager, +31 88 404 5000, [email protected]


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