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Keylane: software with smart robotic applications for insurers

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 15, 2017

Successful Dutch software developer and DIA Barcelona alumni, Keylane, is the showcase of insurance 3.0. They believe that insurance and pensions should be simple, easy to deal with, anytime and anywhere. To keep pace with rapidly changing market requirements, insurance and pension companies need to provide personalized products, on demand, to meet individual customer needs. This places whole new requirements on the IT-infrastructure. Keylane’s software solutions enables companies to engage effectively with their customers; providing operational agility (founded on best practice), in the insurance and pension markets.

New technologies such as speech recognition, social analysis and predictive analytics are already integrated with the Keylane solutions to make the insurance customer experience as easy and friendly as possible. The integration of core solutions with smart robotic applications provides frontline workers within a matter of seconds with a more holistic view of their information landscape. Improving efficiency, effectiveness and lowering of costs.

The state-of-the-art Keylane technology platform supports core processes such as policy administration, sales and distribution, and underwriting, and enables companies to excel in operational performance as well as in customer service. The user-friendly multi-channel portals integrated with flexible administration systems, enable insurers to boost customer experience as well as excel in operational efficiency. Achieving cost savings of more than 50% on the IT budget.
Over 100 well-known life, non-life and pension companies have gained measurable results from implementing of Keylane’s solutions, such as cost reduction, a shortened time to market and increased customer satisfaction.

Flexible, user-friendly software
At Keylane they believe in flexible software solutions. Solutions with a rich supply of applications to choose from, based on business needs. Solutions which constantly meet the most up to date service requirements. They also believe in user-friendly administration systems with the ability to add or make changes to insurance products and pension products without their help. Enabling insurers to offer perfectly tailored customer products.

Consumers expect intuitive navigation, comprehensive and accurate information, and interactive online support. Demanding the ability to choose the service channel depending on time and location. The Keylane solutions have an integrated front, mid and back office to optimally support omnichannel operations and ensure consistent, customer-centric communication. So, any information added by any user is always consistent and available across all channels.

Keylane offers “out-of-the-box” applications in areas that have been traditionally associated with complex and expensive development overheads, both in terms of initial build and ongoing support. Examples include customer portals, digital policy management, online payment processing and mobile device support. Replacing complex legacy systems with the packaged Keylane software pays off. Business cases at companies show that the costs of replacement are recovered in two to five years.

Why we selected Keylane for DIA Munich
Thinking digitally is part of Keylane’s DNA. They work on very interesting innovative pilot cases in the field of robotics, predictive analytics, peer2peer insurance and blockchain.
Their flexible SaaS-based software solutions will help insurers and pension institutions reach insurance 3.0. Robotic applications will elevate and enhance the effectiveness of traditional business practices to help companies save a lot of money.

Who are Keylane?
Keylane started operations in 2012. By then private equity holder Waterland acquired a majority stake in Actuera, a software provider for the pension sector. In 2014 they added Quinity for non-life insurance software, LeanApps for life insurance software and Artena for pension communication and planning, to the portfolio. This was augmented by the acquisition of the Swedish software provider Mantacore and the takeover of GENEVA-ID, a German supplier of software for the insurance industry. The three core businesses acquired – Actuera, Quinity and LeanApps – have company histories that go back much further than Keylane and its founding date of 2012. So, it’s safe to say thinking digitally is part of Keylane’s DNA.

Keylane now has 11 offices in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom and 500 employees. Supported by investment company Waterland, they continually seek to expand and become the number 1 in the European software market for life insurance, non-life insurance and pension solutions.


“In a fast-moving market with strong competition, insurers and pension institutes all target profitable growth. This demands razor-sharp strategies, excellent knowledge of the market’s desires and needs, and perfectly coordinated management. Keylane provides a 100% delivery track record”. Floris van der Kolk, Sales Director Benelux Keylane


Presenter: Floris van der Kolk

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