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Kinetikos: Data Analytics to improve predictability and reduce costs on mobility disorders

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on May 14, 2018

Kinetikos is a Portuguese data company with the mission to revolutionize clinical decision-making to objectively diagnose, analyse and support clinicians in planning treatments for mobility disorders around the world. Kinetikos addresses patient, clinician and insurer’s needs in one ecosystem to optimize the rehabilitation of mobility disorders. Rehabilitation is costly and difficult for insurers; it is an information-intensive niche, with patients and treatment Information highly dispersed in silos and observational diagnosis rather than movement data is still the common practice in treating movement disorders. This results in a lack of clarity and communication between stakeholders with costs’ unpredictability to the insurer side.

Kinetikos merges clinical measurements, biomechanical expertise and statistical models to inform the clinician, insurer and patient in a simple cloud-based app. With Kinetikos’ solution, clinicians have access to CliniK, a web-based platform that complemented by motion sensors can measure movement, extract accurate clinical metrics and identify treatment options in real time to increase patients’ outcomes. Its complementary Kover solution, gives insurers access to the clinical analysis and decisions, increasing clarity, cost predictability and control.

When facing a physical therapy assessment and treatment what information does the insurer or health provider have that allows both to confidently pinpoint the source of pain and implement the proper treatments? The information is based on his visual and manual inspection and a great deal of intuition based on the physician’s experience. How can the insurance company facing such a claim have an accurate representation of claimer condition to better predict and validate the treatment costs? Kinetikos provides an integrated holistic solution that:

  • Provides an objective and accurate clinical assessment, thanks to accurate computational biomechanics and AI;
  • Improves rehabilitation treatment effectiveness by at least 20%;
  • Provides communication channels between insurers and their health providers bringing clarity and accountability to the claims’ process.

Kinetikos won Deloitte’s Digital Disruptor/Beta-i accelerator program targeting disruptive insurtech solutions and its solution is already being used by early-adopters in Spain, Brazil, US and Portuguese markets.

How it works

When a claim is accepted and results in physical therapy, the insurance company may opt to schedule a medical consultation to perform an initial accurate and objective clinical assessment with Kinetikos with immediate access to the estimate treatment time and condition benchmark. The claimer is then prescribed with a “package” of physical therapy sessions and the health provider uses Kinetikos’ CliniK to deliver the most effective treatment.

During the entire process, the insurer’s clinician follows the treatment progress and manages the claim directly on Kinetikos’ Kover with alerts and communication channels with the physical therapists in charge:

  • enabling a common ground of communication between all stakeholders;
  • enabling a way to optimise insurer’s physical therapy network;
  • measuring objective outcomes and the success of the delivered care.

At any given time, accountable decisions can be taken by the insurer, for example, deciding if it is time for patient’s discharge or for treatment to continue.

Why we selected Kinetikos for DIA Amsterdam
AI generates data that can be used to improve insurer’s predictability and help reduce costs. Kinetikos Kover provides oversight of the claim process: the data generated by AI maximizes the quality and efficiency of physical rehabilitation, helping to reduce costs with health claims.

At DIA Amsterdam Ricardo Matias and or Luis Rodrigues, the 2 co-founders will be showcasing Kinetikos’ solution.

Who is Kinetikos?
Kinetikos is a Portuguese data company based in Coimbra, established in 2015. Kinetikos was founded by Ricardo Matias, Luis Rodrigues and Ajay Seth who, together, have over two decades of experience in sales and business strategy, engineering musculoskeletal model’s simulation software, AI algorithms and clinical research in mobility disorders.

Currently, the healthcare system rewards quantity instead of quality and its major players work mostly in silos with no clarity and trust between them. Being experts in accurately quantify and classify human movement we can be a major force to drive Value Base Healthcare practices and change current status as we aspire to be the common communication ground between Insurers, Healthcare providers and Patients.

Ricardo Matias (left), Founder and Head of Research & Innovation and Luis Rodrigues (right), Co-founder and Head of Strategy & Finance Kinetikos

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