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knok: Digital-first Telemedicine Platform for Value-based Care

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 17, 2022

There is a high cost in serving and managing primary care patients, especially those with chronic illness. Preventive care is the solution. knok helps insurers and medical providers to deliver preventive care through their fully integrated telemedicine solution, supporting value-based care models and creating an efficient platform in the digital health market: Panacea.

knok uses advanced technologies, such as AI and machine learning, to triage patients and read their vital signs through the mobile or computer camera, guaranteeing an integrated end-to-end patient experience, with over 30 data points collected in every video consultation. knok’s medical and scientific teams analyze collected data on a daily basis and work on new solutions to improve the quality of life of patients within a sustainable economic model.

knok has a combination of unique features, such as an AI-powered symptom checker, video consultation with embedded reading of vital signs and clinical surveys to monitor patients’ health and act preventively. Their solution encompasses a comprehensive platform to support end-to-end patient flow while collecting valuable clinical data to deliver value-based care.

How this solution supports insurers

By deploying a platform that collects over 30 data points through the different features of the platform, knok allows insurers to:

  • Achieve considerable cost reductions: up to a 63% cost reduction per person when compared to in-person appointments by implementing knok’s triage system and video consultations platform
  • Provide continuity of care programs: Manage chronically ill customers closely through clinical surveys to collect important clinical data to identify potential risk factors and act preventively to further reduce health costs
  • Collect valuable clinical insights: Identify patient cohorts, categorize your customer base demographically and by health diagnosis to assess the level of risk on your customer base, develop specific programs and identify trends
  • Global health assessment: Utilize clinical data to support risk assessment processes and employee benefits programs to build a tailor-made product offering and upsell opportunities

What is unique about knok?

knok has found that 85% of their primary care requests can now be solved remotely. Doctors, payors and patients themselves find out more about their health status and conditions than in typical face-to-face or video consultations. Additionally, knok’s technology powers the tools to look after chronic patients through automated engagement and follow-up tools, reducing the number of acute episodes.

knok turns the over 30 gathered data points in every consultation into actionable insights, for doctors, helping them to work more efficiently and further improve accuracy in their diagnosis, while at the same time providing insurers with a very granular and GDPR-compliant view of their customers. knok delivers an excellent video consultation experience, gathering data that is important for doctors, patients and payors.

How it works

With knok, patients can book an appointment with a specialist to find out the cause of their symptoms. Next, their vital signs are read, and these can be discussed during the video appointment.

Why we selected knok for DIA Amsterdam

Healthcare providers are increasingly sharing data in real-time to visualize untapped capacity, proactively facilitate transitions of care from one setting to the next, and forecast and prepare for future demand. Using the power of AI and predictive analytics, we can now extract relevant insights on patient flow and patient care needs from vast amounts of real-time and historical data. This allows providers to categorize their customer base, predict trends, identify risk factors and act preventively. After initial validation, the resulting algorithms can be updated regularly to take recent trends and circumstances into account – offering clinical and operational teams the real-time, actionable insights they need to make timely and effective decisions. Embedding these data-driven practices will be essential to act more effectively across the patient journey and ensure continuity of care, ensuring that the patient gets the proper care in the right place at the right time.

At DIA Amsterdam José Bastos, CEO and Co-Founder of knok, will show how the use of technology can drive better health outcomes and create greater efficiencies. knok combines the power of advanced technology with scientific and medical expertise. Their integrated solution was built based on data from hundreds of appointments making this a very effective tool for primary care providers, supported by the experience and know-how from knok’s scientifical and medical team.

Who is knok?

knok was founded in 2015 by José Bastos, economist, and João Magalhães, medical doctor, to create a platform that allowed patients and doctors to be connected safely and efficiently. Since its foundation, knok has raised $7M with investors such as Mustard Seed Maze, Armilar Venture Partners, NOS 5G, Triple Point Ventures and FIS – Social Innovation Fund.
knok currently serves more than 5 million patients on 4 continents. knok is scaling up at an accelerated pace, working in 12 countries with over 30 clients, with revenues growing 5x year over year.

knok was named ‘Most investable company’ by EVPA (European Venture Philanthropy Association) and Portuguese Startup of the year in 2019. In 2021, knok was recognized by the Portuguese Government as Leading Innovation Company in the categories Healthcare and Health Technology. It also ranked in the Top 10 Telemedicine Solutions Providers of 2021 by Healthcare Tech Outlook, and 150+ Best UK Medical Startups Award by 17x.

“At knok we dream of leading and humanizing digital transformation of Healthcare”

Click here if you’re interested to learn more about knok

João Magalhaes ,CTO & co-founder, and José Bastos, CEO & co-founder
Team knok
Amsterdam 12-13 June


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