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L’AMIE direkt: Empowering corporates and telecom operators to deliver on-demand telcosurance products

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Feb 3, 2021

In today’s world smartphones are playing an ever greater role in people’s daily lives. People access more and more services through their phones. This puts telecom operators in a unique position, opening up opportunities to build and expand their business, while improving people’s lives. Their customers are navigating seamlessly on virtual surfaces throughout their every-day, social and work-life. This is the perfect environment for embedded insurance eco-systems, without triggering a real switch. By connecting their existing ecosystem with L’AMIE’s digital insurance ecosystem via APIs, insurance is merged seamlessly into a customer’s daily life. Mobile operators have an enormous competitive advantage to create truly unique insurance solutions with an unmatched customer experience. L’AMIE is the way for operators to open the door to this enormous insurance market, while making their customers’ life safer.

L’AMIE direkt delivers on-demand telcosurance products, that empower large corporates and telecom operators to embed insurance products smoothly into their existing ecosystem. This telcosurance approach builds on the position that telecom operators already have in their customers’ daily lives, making L’AMIE direkt a rapidly growing insurtech, currently serving customers in 9 countries. Thanks to their API processes and connected digital platforms, L’AMIE is able to develop solutions with record speed, giving their partners access to an enormous insurance market, while offering customers a great and convenient digital experience.

How it works
A good example of the power of L’AMIE’s telcosurance approach is the latest addition to their portfolio: a smart travel insurance solution via smartphone. Developed in only six weeks, together with Hutchison Drei Austria, L’AMIE recently launched this usage-based travel insurance solution. It is activated automatically when the customer is traveling abroad and stops again when the customer has returned home. For customers this is a very convenient and intuitive way to insure.  They don’t have to install any apps, there is no additional data usage, no GPS signal,  no additional cost or hassle.

The process starts with an easy sign up: the customer can sign up at the POS or digitally via smartphone through a mobile-first optimized website, providing comprehensive information regarding coverage. While the website is loading, the customer is automatically being authenticated. The customer only has to fill in their name, address and date of birth – and check the box for the Individual or Family option, no credit card needed.

When the customer is traveling abroad, thanks to roaming data API exchange, L’AMIE’s core insurance system automatically activates the insurance coverage. The customer gets a notification via SMS, that the insurance has been activated. Within this SMS they can also de-activate the coverage for this trip if desired, providing them with full flexibility. If something happens during the trip, they can reach out to the 24/7 assistance service and receive immediate advice and help.

Besides coverage for medical expenses, other cover items can be added, such as personal accidents cover, liability, luggage insurance and road side assistance service. The moment the customer returns to their home country, L’AMIE’s core insurance system is automatically informed via API and de-activates the insurance cover, informing the customer via SMS. The insurance premium is charged to their operator’s bill. The next time the customer is traveling again, the same process is followed.

Opportunity to tap into new revenue streams, while increasing customer loyalty
Telecom operators and corporates can transform their current ecosystem power and tap into new revenue streams with the help of L’AMIE direkt. They can offer their customers a great range of new services with a seamless customer experience and help them to save money. With L’AMIE’s travel insurance solution, customers only pay for the days they’re actually abroad, recognized automatically by the system. As about 85% of all customers are not frequent travellers, almost all customers will be saving money compared to traditional yearly contract schemes. Offering the right product at the right time for an attractive usage-based price and combining this with a great digital experience sums up the power of Telcosurance.

Who is L’AMIE direkt?
L’AMIE direkt is an Austrian-based full-stack insurtech. They have established their own insurance and reinsurance company, which enables them to create disruptive and innovative insurance products and bring them to market fast. With their own insurance and reinsurance in place, they’re able to structure products to the needs of their partners, without limitations. L’AMIE direkt has a team of 60 people and operates in 9 countries, servicing over 450,000 customers.

“Powerful ecosystems will be the winners of the next phase of digitalization. With L’AMIE direkt we can add a huge new revenue stream to corporates and telco operators, while increasing customer loyalty.”
Christian Pedak, CEO, L’AMIE direkt

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